Wild Midsummer and Low-Back Pain


Some pretty Midsummer flowers. Pelargonias, perhaps?

I have to clarify that MY midsummer hasn’t been very wild so far. The wildest thing that happened to me is that I wore my Hello Kitty nightie upside down AND forgot to wear my pedometer yesterday, which felt like I was going around blind and naked.

I’m so used to it hanging around my neck and knowing how many steps I take that it feels strange if I don’t wear if for some reason.

Other people’s midsummer’s were much more exciting than mine.

Youngsters in my neighborhood have apparently decided to test every fenced nursery playground near where I live – even though there are plenty of open playgrounds they could’ve used instead. I saw at least two separate groups of teens swinging in the swings and doing other stuff.

One teenage girl had even climbed on the roof of a low nursery building. An “adult male” from a nearby building was watching the thing through window and bellowing to the girl: “What an idiot! Get down from that roof immediately!

The girl came down rather quickly. Of course I never did anything as wild as I was the same age. I was a pathetic teenager! 🙂


Midsummer is a big celebration in Finland with lots of drinking and bonfires,  but instead of celebrating I’ve worked on a client project . I hoped to have the project finished before the Midsummer Eve but I wasn’t able to make it happen.  So I’ve spent my midsummer boringly sitting in the front of my computer.

I also spent some of my time moping about my boring and lonely life, which is a kind of Midsummer tradition for me. 🙂

Low back troubles

My body never lets me get away with anything. Ever.

I don’t usually suffer from low back pain these days but for some time I’ve had this nagging little ache in my low back. I didn’t pay it much attention until I had to – that was when I started having numbness creep down to my calves.

When I investigated, I found really painful trigger points in my gluteus minimus and piriformis muscles. The lowest vertebrae in my back are also moving as a one block which means I have a lot of muscle tension going in my low back right now.

I think that the low back problems are caused by the fact that I’ve added lots of jumps to my training program (they are part of my workout finishers and metabolic intervals) in the last several weeks, which is apparently too much for my weak butt muscles.  When your glutes are weak and inhibited and can’t do their job properly, you start using the muscles of the low back to do their job. That’s when you start suffering from low back pain.

I thought I had introduced jumps to my program gradually enough, but apparently I was wrong.

At age 45 I’m pretty used to the way my body functions but I still find it annoying at times. I’ve followed in awe and not a little envy how Biz has been able to do the Insanity workout for a couple of weeks already. I’d probably be able to do the first two or three workouts tops and then my body would keel over from overuse injuries. 🙁

But maybe some day I too will be able to do demanding workout like Insanity?


Were you a wild teenager? What was the wildest thing you did? I need to know. 🙂