Perfect Weekend

I've been watering my sees religiously. I expect to have harvest in a couple of weeks..

I’ve been watering my seeds religiously. I expect to have harvest in a couple of weeks..

My weekend – especially Sunday – was pretty much perfect. No, I didn’t spend my weekend with a gorgeous hunk in a hotel in New York, but I’m sure my experience came close. 🙂

I was so fired up on Saturday morning that I planted spinach and coriander seeds on four pots that I placed on my balcony. Spinach in three pots, cilantro in one.

I’m not a plant person, but I almost started talking to my seeds aloud when I dug tiny holes and placed the seeds in them.

I thought something like this: “If I drop several seeds in one hole, will you fight for sun and nutrition and snuff each other out?

(It’s quite possible that nothing comes out of the seeds – last time I tried raising herbs in my balcony I got nothing. Gotta go and check my pots now).

After that I voluntarily cleaned my kitchen and went out for a long walk in the balmy 80-degree weather.

Finns go nuts in summer.  🙂

That’s because there is so much light and no need to robe oneself in layers of clothing and fight the polar bears for sustenance (I’m kidding, no polar bears in Finland. And no fjords!).


Yesterday I had two long walks outside.

Because the summer has just begun the nature is lush and bright green, not languid like it’s in July and August. When I was idling around, I discovered that there’s a brand new ParkGym practically in my backyard. The machines are a bit of joke though because there’s no way to increase or decrease the load or otherwise adjust the machines.

I was more interested in the outlandish machines in the nearby playground – plenty of options for functional workouts!! – and the tiny basketball court beside the soccer field. I could well take my workouts outside on some days.

If there was a team of short adult basketball players available, I would join! The max height would  be 5 ft 4 inches, so my 5 ft 1 in wouldn’t be a problem. 🙂


Spending a week in New York – with or without a handsome hunk – would be an item in my bucket list if I had one. I visited New York briefly six years ago when I attended a conference in New Jersey, and I’ve wanted to take a long vacation in New York ever since.

Question: What is your idea of perfect (summer) weekend?