My 101 Days of Summer Challenge – What I Achieved

My original goal for the 101 Days of Summer Challenge was to exercise regularly ~4 times a week and to drop one dress size. (40->38 or 10->8)  I didn’t reach my goal, but on the whole I’m satisfied about how my summer went.

What I am the most happy about is that I actually enjoyed myself during the summer and spent almost no time obsessing about my eating and looks. There was only one brief period when I  agonized over my weight, and that was when I shopped for new clothes. That feeling passed soon though and I’m happy that I didn’t start “dieting”.

Even though I didn’t reach my goals, I have made progress. My waist has slimmed down – my mother even remarked about that when she visited me last week – and the spare tire bulging over my waist band has shrunken visibly. Another victory is that my runner’s knee has finally started to heal. I almost gave up doing my exercise program, because in the beginning I didn’t see any effect besides that my legs and core were getting stronger. The key success was persistence. 🙂

Obviously this kind of über slow approach to fitness and weight loss suits me. All I need to take care of is that:

  1. I eat enough fruits and veggies (500 g/1 pound/ day)
  2. I don’t skip meals
  3. I eat enough protein
  4. I avoid eating sweets and “junk” (occasional sweets and junk is ok)
  5. I exercise regularly (I’m not completely satisfied with this yet)

Another thing I enjoyed was trying new recipes. The best new recipe was Biz’s Best Buffalo Chicken Chili (with original Frank’s Hot of course!), which I have prepared numerous times already. I intend to go on trying new dishes. Next one will be one of Biz’s enchilada recipes.

I’m actually ready for new challenges. For the next 3 months my area of focus will probably be to get more exercise and to improve my muscle strength (or I’ll never will be able to do the 20 push ups I dream of!). Of cause I want to drop that dress size too.  🙂

Did you have any fitness or weight loss goal for the summer? How did it go?