Satu’s Hoorag Review

hoorag head_407x417

All sweaty after a strength training workout

Before Christmas, Hoo-rag sent me one of their bandanas so I can test and review it.

I’ve been wearing the bandana for some time already, but was slow to publish the post.

The problem was really the photos – I’m not a great photographer so the pictures don’t make justice to the bandana. I’ve racked myself crazy trying to photograph the bandana so it looks good…not an easy feat if you try to do that indoors in bad lighting conditions – all by yourself.

I hoped for a  bandana design named “Cocoa Bloomz” because it’s both pretty and stylish.

When it arrived I was surprised at how lightweight the bandana is. It could fit in an small envelope even though it’s quite long about 1.5 ft. The hoorag is made from moisture-wicking microfiber (100% polyester), which explains why it’s so lightweight. It’s also easy to wear because it’s shaped like a tube, not a like a scarf. That is good for someone so who can be quite clumsy like I am.

IMG_1473_751x563What I like most about the bandana is that it’s versatile and stylish.

I’ve used it during my workouts, as a neck warmer and for covering my face in a snow storm! The stylishness is a plus, because you can wear it as a fashion accessory with all kinds of outfits, not just for exercising or working out. (If you wear it broad around your head it looks like a headband from the 20’s). The have plenty of designs available both for mean an women.

Click here to see all the bandana designs.

If you order, you probably want to get several different designs so you can match them with different outfits. 🙂