Year 2012 In Review

Funny 2013 New Year's Eve greeting cardI just read my recap for year 2011. For this year’s review, I want to look back and answer a couple of questions: What were the big challenges in 2012? How did I progress – or not – in reaching my goals?


Overall,  this year has been a mixed one.

I’ve spent much of my time struggling with the stresses in my life. In March I went to see a doctor and was glad to discover a medication for my migraines that seems to work pretty well. It was about time too, because I spent the beginning of the year wading from one migraine to another. Because upper body strength training seemed to trigger my migraines, I also quit my military push up challenge.

Another positive thing to mention  is that I finally got started with strength training. I started following Lynn Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough program in April and thanks to it I’ve increased my strength a lot.


In September, I admitted defeat in my attempt to lose weight.

I seem to be able to drop a few pounds which I will promptly regain when I’m forced to deal with the next stressful life period (that is often triggered by some money-related issue). I’m perfectly able to stick to a sensible diet if I’m not under stress – under stress my daily routines and sensible eating crumbles like a house built on sand.

I even asked a Finnish nutrition and weight loss “guru” what he thinks about my “odd” pattern (it may be odd and frustrating to me but I know it is not unique to me) He said he can’t really say as I’m not his client, but that he suspects there is something not quite right about what I do.

I feel that technically there can’t be that many problems in my diet anymore (By technical stuff I mean things like the following: I don’t eat too few calories or have too long gaps between meals, I consume enough fruits, veggies, fat and micronutrients etc. I try to prepare meals I enjoy and I eat chocolate several times a week without problem).

My own suspicion is that I’m still too rigid and restrictive about what and how much I eat. I’m also wondering if it’s even possible to me to lose weight as long as I’m under a lot of stress. That’s a more depressing thought.


Admitting temporary defeat doesn’t mean I have given up on losing weight.

For months, I’ve worked hard to get rid of my eating and weight-related self deception and avoidance. I started weighing myself regularly again and I also plan and record my daily food intake using a Finnish online service. Thanks to all this I’ve lost a couple of pounds during the fall, though it’s too early to say whether the weight loss will continue or not. We shall see.


So the bright spots were my strength training and the fact that I found a working medication for my migraines. On the other hand I was challenged by my lack of progress in weight loss and by the difficulty I have handling the stresses in my life.

As for goals, I don’t set any new ones. I still aim for the things I mention in this post. In 2013 I’m going to focus on my strength training, because there’s still plenty of room for improvement –and because I enjoy how it makes me feel! 🙂