Hard Facts About My Weight And Fitness

One plumped up wood cutter

To continue with my anti self-deception campaign, I decided to reveal some hard facts about my current weight loss and fitness.

Some Weight and Diet Facts

  • In my last weigh in on Sunday morning I weighed 71.7 kg (158 lb)
  • My BMI is now 29.8, which means I’m overweight. A couple of kilos ago I was classified as obese.
  • I eat approximately 1500 – 1600 kcal day (yes, this is my weight loss diet)
  • My daily calorie deficit is 400-500 kcal
  • I eat “treats” 2-3 times a week, usually chocolate
  • I’ve lost almost 2kg (~4lb) during this fall
  • According to my Omron body composition meter, my body fat percentage is 48,4% (?!)
  • ~Approximately 28-40 per cent of my daily calories comes from fat, and less than 1/3 of that comes from saturated fats
  • I usually eat 5 meals per day
  • I weigh myself once a week

The friends who forced me to cut their wood at least had the sense to offer me these delicacies: two meringues glued together with whipped cream. Yummy! Also part of my weight loss diet. 🙂

Fitness Facts

I just repeated my muscular fitness tests. Here are the results.

  • I did 28 modified (knee) push ups in 60 seconds (two years ago I did 7)
  • I did 25 curl ups in 60 seconds (two years ago I did 20 curl ups)
  • I did 23 squats in 30 seconds (no comparison data)

It looks like my upper body strength has quadrupled in two years! I think I have mostly Lynn Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough program to thank for that result. I’m still not very close to doing military push ups, but I expect I will get there eventually.

My abdominal strength/endurance  has also improved a bit. I can also hold a plank for more than 30 seconds but there is still lots of room for improvement.

I haven’t tested my lower body strength before, but I decided to add it to my test battery when my friend got her fitness level tested last week. I think my test results are about average range.

Because of the mysterious test results I got from my latest Eurofit-test, I’m a bit uncertain about what my aerobic fitness really is. I walked the 2km trail faster this year, but I got odd heart beat data. And I’ve been too lazy to repeat the test…


I’m glad I can say my fitness is gradually improving. I want to be much stronger than I am right now, but that comes with time.

My body fat percentage

I seem to have an extremely high body fat percentage.

But I also know that body composition meters aren’t very accurate (especially the ones you use at home) so I don’t really know what my body fat percentage is. I wasn’t upset with the high result (48,4 %) – I can see with my own eyes that I have lots of extra body fat.

And lot of it is accumulated in my face and chin, as you can see in the wood chopping picture. :p

What are your “hard facts”?