Week 37 Exercise + Mini Challenge

Time to post last week’s exercise. (You might have noticed I haven’t posted week 36’s exercise – that is because I didn’t really do anything . I spent my week moping and listening to sad songs and wetting my keyboard with my tears.)

As you can see, I did well regarding how many steps I took last week. My weekly average was 9031 steps, which is more than my goal of 8000 steps. Good girl!

Also, I did

  • 2 x  FBB strength training workouts
  • 1x metabolic circuits (instead of the intended 2)
  • 1 x Feldenkrais kessibs (out of the intended 2)

I didn’t quite reach my goal, but I’m still pretty happy with myself. (You can see my goals here).

If I’m to be in a better shape in a few weeks, I decided to uplevel my training and take the one week challenge I mentioned in my earlier post. It’s called “exercise before 8am every day for 7 days“. I’m going to be lenient though: it’s enough if I exercise first thing in the morning even if it’s after 8 o’clock.

I hope that the morning exercise makes me feel more energetic. I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish and blah lately. Also the weather is pretty horrible in Finland right now. It’s gray and dark and raining all the time.