Protein Fluff And Stuff

I stumbled upon some stuff on StumbleUpon this week I want to share with you.

Protein Fluff

I’m always open to try new recipes and foods, so when I found the ProteinFluff site with recipes I decided to give the fluff a try. Besides, I already had all the ingredients at home. Making a protein fluff is very simple – you simply whip up skim milk, protein powder and frozen berries with a mixer until it builds in volume (it will).

I tried the blueberry fluff recipe but with mixed berries.  The fluff  was easy to make, velvety and surprisingly filling: I could only eat half of the portion in one sitting. It must be the air that is whipped into the fluff!

I can imagine replacing my daily smoothies with protein fluff on occasion.


I also stumbled upon a site named TribeSports. It has a Facebook-like interface and it reminds me of DailyFeats except it’s organized around exercise and fitness challenges. There seems to be a challenge for almost everything imaginable under the sun, like “Hold a 1 minute wall squat every day for 7 days”, “15 gym sessions in 30 days” or “4 Weeks Without Soda Drinks”.

Some don’t make much sense to me, like the doing a 5-minute plank. What would be the point of that, fitness-wise?

Anyway, you can take a challenge or create your own, and you can also join communites (tribes) that are organized around specific interests.

I joined the TribeSports and am now contemplating about taking the “Exercise Before 8am Every Day For 7 Days” challenge.  It would be a nice limited-time challenge and it might help counter my tendency to postpone my workouts.

Any takers?