Best Home Exercise Equipment – My Top 3 List

I’ve been a dedicated home exerciser for the last 30 years. I’ve had boatloads of home exercise equipment from thigh masters, mini trampolines, dumbbells, yoga blocks, dyna disks, and Swiss balls to a Pilates ring.

It goes without saying that there have been both hits and misses among my long list of acquisitions.

I think I probably used my thigh master once – even though you can even train your pecs with it! – and I probably tried using the Pilates ring once or twice. It’s actually a mystery to me why I purchased the Pilates ring. I’ve never taken a single live Pilates class, I just got a set of Winsor Pilates tapes from my sister and started using them.

Getting a Pilates ring must’ve felt like a good idea at that time. And you can use it to tone your pecs too! 🙂

But without further ado, below is my top 3 list.

Best Home Exercise Equipment Ever

1. Omron pocket pedometer.

Technically speaking, pedometer isn’t really a piece of (home) exercise equipment per se, but because it gets me moving, I think of it as exercise equipment. The best thing about my pedometer is that it’s extremely easy to use: I wake up in the morning, hang the pedometer around my neck and get going. I actually used to own a cheaper, mechanical model before my Omron pedometer but it was basically useless. It often stopped recording my steps if I accidentally aligned it even a little bit wrong.

I also have a heart rate monitor, but I rarely use it because it’s such a hassle to program. That’s why I usually wear it only on special occasions – like when I need to record my heart rate for an aerobic fitness test.

I have my Omron pedometer to thank for the fact that I started exercising again after I managed to rehab my runner’s knee two years ago. I can’t imagine living without it these days. (If you’re thinking about getting a pedometer for yourself, read this article too).

2. Hand weights.

You can’t really think of yourself as a serious home exerciser if you don’t own several pairs of dumbbells. 🙂 Dumbbells are actually so mundane and “uncool” that I almost forgot to consider them for my list.

I also thought hard about putting kettlebells on the list instead of dumbbells. Eventually I chose dumbbells because they are cheap, versatile and extremely easy to use. And you can use them as extra resistance in many bodyweight exercises.

I also feel that with kettlebells it’s very important to learn the correct technique first so you don’t injure yourself training with them. But if I had merely thought about fun, I would have chosen kettlebells.

3. Resistance tubing with handles.

I have used resistance bands for years and years. Every time my resistance band frays or snaps, I get a new one. That happened until I discovered resistance tubes (also called resistance tubing) with handles. Resistance training tubes with handles are even handier than the broad elastic bands.

My favorite use for resistance tubing is for exercising my upper back to counteract my tendency to hunch my shoulders. Lately I’ve been using a sturdy piece of resistance tube like a pulley for my FBB program. I simply loop the tube around my chin up bar.


When I started thinking about my top three pieces of home exercise equipment, I realized they have something in common.   They are easy to use and they fit seamlessly into my lifestyle, causing minimal disruption.

So it’s really pretty simple. If you struggle to learn to use your piece of exercise equipment, you won’t use it. If a piece of exercise equipment is a hassle to use, you won’t use it. If it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, you won’t use it.


So, tell me what is *your* best home exercise equipment? Why?