Weekly Exercise And A Plan

A year ago –  and for a long time – I used to post my weekly exercise on BodyCapable (like this). I was reading my old posts the other week and decided I want to try to resurrect the practice. I want to be accountable and perhaps push myself a bit harder.

As you’ll see, I have plans.

I’m going to post my weekly steps (I still use my pedometer every day), my training sessions and how many Feldenkrais lessons I do. I have a set of goals:

  • having a 7-day step average of > 8000 steps,
  • 2 x FBB strength training sessions,
  • 2 x FBB metabolic interval training sessions,
  • 2 x Feldenkrais lessons.

Last week’s exercise

As you can see, I reached the 7-day step average, but you may notice that I also took only 1401 steps on Saturday. It was a rainy day and I spent most of the day reading in bed. 🙁 Not a good way to spend your day, and as a rule I try to avoid under 5000-step days.

Apart from walking, I did two FBB-strength training sessions and two Feldenkrais sessions. I could’ve actually used more Feldenkrais lessons because I’ve had my share of shoulder and neck pains lately. That is because I was smitten with the “New” Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and watched all the episodes on the Internet in a row, overlooking such worldly concerns like ergonomics and breaks.

I paid for that of course.

My plan for the fall

I’m planning on retaking the aerobic fitness test (Eurofit 2km walking test) I did last October. I was only average then, but this time I hope to improve my result.

I don’t know how easy it will actually be. I haven’t walked half as much as I walked last year, but I think that if I stick to the metabolic intervals for a month or so, I might actually get a better result this year. And if I’m afraid that is not going to do the trick, I’m going to use my secret weapon – Feldenkrais – to improve my walking technique. 🙂

Have you set yourself fitness goals recently?