Flexible Personalities, Weight Loss and a MizFit Quote

If my personality gets this flexible, will I lose weight too? Photo credit: Flickr / jessicamullen

At first glance, flexible personalities, weight loss and a MizFit quote can surely have nothing in common? Just wait and see. 🙂


What got me thinking about flexible personality was Karen’s recent post where she mentions a discussion with her husband about addictive personalities and how easy it was for her husband to quit smoking and drinking coffee.

He just decided to stop and dropped the habit.

Very unnatural, if you ask me, but then I’m an addictive personality and can’t even play Angry Birds because I would get addicted before I have time to say “oink”.

I don’t know about addictive personality, but there is some research that suggests that people with flexible personalities are less likely to become slaves to their habits. Not only are psychologically flexible people less likely to get fat and stay that way, but they are also less likely to get stressed out or depressed. In a book published in 2005, Ben Fletcher and his colleagues argue (based on their research) that the secret of staying slim is the fact that slim people are more flexible psychologically than overweight folks.

If you wonder what psychological flexibility means, it’s responding appropriately to a situation. If your personality is inflexible, you always use the same tools to respond to a situation: you use a hammer even if it the situation requires using a saw.

Ben Fletcher has a list of list of fifteen personality dimensions (below). Ideally, you should be freely able to move along every dimension.


Ben Fletcher’s theories aside, what has Carla/MizFit to do with this? Well, I was reading her post on clean eating the other day and was attracted to her clean eating step number three: Zero HARD AND FAST RULES.

‘Zero hard and fast rules’ is being flexible. Maybe it’s why MizFit has been able to maintain her weight loss when the rest of the world (and the blogosphere) is either stuck or merrily yo-yoing..

And because MizFit *loves* inspirational quotes, I made an inspirational poster / fitspiration graphic out of her step. 🙂 It’s especially important for perfectionists to reflect on this step. (I took the liberty to leave part of the step out. I left what I personally think is the gist of the step.)

If you like the quote and the graphics, feel free to share it.