Revisiting Exercise Goals

Two years ago when I started this blog I wrote a post about my long-term exercise goals.

I wrote that when I will turn 50, I want to be able to do 20 military push ups in a row, swim like a seal, dance salsa for hours and sleep like a baby every night. Well, I also frothed about being able to hurl club bells above my head – I had seen someone use them and it looked fun, so I wanted to start “hurling” them too. 🙂

Do my exercise goals still stand?

I guess so.

I haven’t lifted a finger to become a better swimmer nor have I learned salsa yet (I own a Salsa dvd but I haven’t practiced for a long time), but at least I’ve improved my cardiovascular fitness and am firmly in the process of increasing my lower and upper-body strength. Sooner or later I’ll be able to do those 20 military push ups in a row.

I’m glad I was wise enough – or likely I was just cautious because I don’t like failing –  to give myself enough time to achieve my goals. It has given me a chance to recover from some unexpected setbacks, like my knee issues and my migraines.

I turned 44 in May, and 6 years should be more than enough time to reach to my exercise goals.

I have to say that what I do with the time I’ve allotted for improving my physical well-being has changed in two years. I used to do more Feldenkrais two years ago than I do now and that’s probably one reason I’ve been suffering from migraine headaches lately.  But as much as I would want to, I can’t increase the total time I use for both Feldenkrais and exercise.

I need to prioritize, and it’s not a happy decision. 🙁

(The curious thing is that physical well-being is an area of my life I’m doing very well with compared to other areas of my life. You know those wheel of life diagrams that are used to assess how balanced your life is and how you’re doing in certain areas of life? My wheel of life is like a train wreck in almost all areas and roles – except physical well-being! )

But that is a topic for another post.


Next week it’s time to start the third phase of the Female Body Breakthrough program. It’s called Dial It In and I’m supposed to start doing those scary finishers at the end of every workout. As if I need to be finished! 🙂


Have you set any long-term exercise goals for yourself? What are they? Why those goals and not something else?