Workout/FBB Update

Entering Female Body Breakthrough Phase II

I haven’t posted about my workouts for a while. They have been going on as usual in the background though.

I’m now finished with the first phase of Female Body Breakthrough and am going to enter the phase #2: Define Yourself.

The reps are going to drop form 10-12 to eight and the rest periods are going to be shorter. Erg – does that mean I’m going to sweat even more than I do now? Maybe I should buy a sponge and use it during the workouts!

To my (yet) untutored eye the new set of workouts (A and B) appear very similar to the moves in the first phase, except the prone cobra is replaced with a plank and instead of regular pushups we are supposed to do T-push ups.

In my case, instead of T-pushups I’m going to continue doing incline pushups because I’m still not able to do them in the proper military style.

There is one move though that especially frightens me. It’s the chinup with band. The instructions for the move read like this:

START: If you’re a beginner, 6-8 unassistend chinups might not be doable yet, so you can use a band for assistance. Hang from a chinup bar with a band loped around the band and around one knee. Your hand should be facing you, and your arms should be fully extended.

I’m pretty sure that I will be underwhelmed with the number of chinups I will be able to do. Upper body strength is my Achilles heel. For some reason I’m filled with dread when I imagine hauling my weak swety flabby body up with the help of band (no assist machines available at my gym). I usually don’t much care what other people think, but in this instance I do(?).

Luckily, Lori came to the rescue by giving me the following advice by email.

If you don’t have resistance bands or you don’t have an assist machine at the gym, I found reverse chinups are the way to go.  That is how they taught them in New Rules of Lifting for Women.  That is where you bring a stool or chair over to the bar, stand with your chin over the bar and grip it, then bend your legs so you are hanging at the top of the chinup position. Then slowly lower yourself down with your arms.

I actually have a chinup bar at home (left by the earlier tenant and used by me for other purposes – a chinup bar is really handy piece of equipment) and I’m going to try doing it this way first, because it sounds much simpler than fiddling with bands etc.


But let’s get back to what I’ve been doing instead of what I’m going to do.

I’ve done the strength workouts twice a week (mostly), even though I planned on doing them 3 times a week. I’ve definitely seen an increase in my strength during this time, and I still like the workouts a lot. In my opinion, the whole program is exceptionally well put toghether. 🙂

At some point I noticed that the muscles of my feet are achy after the workouts. I wondered about it for a while but then I realized that it’s just because the program has lots of movements like split squats, lunges and one-legged deadlifts that require lots of balancing and core control. So the muscles of my feet are getting a good workout on the side, which they probably need.

I haven’t done any metabolic circuits yet, but I try to add them to my program in the Define Yourself phase. Also, I haven’t done any other workouts except FBB, but I still walk every day, though not as much as I did a year ago at the same time.

I simply need to get out of the house every day –  even wild horses wouldn’t keep me inside in this beautiful summer weather we now enjoy in Finland.


 Wish me luck for phase II!