Becoming a Fit Female

Female Body Breakthrough by Rachel Cosgrove

I started Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough (FBB)  program last week and have already been through both workouts (A and B) in the base phase.

Even with my very limited experience, the program feels  VERY good. Even after just one workout I had a feeling that my posture is improving. That is not a coincidence; Rachel Cosgrove has designed the program to correct the most common problems for females: rounded shoulders, forward head posture, poor core control and tight hip flexors.

The only problem I have is with all the single leg hops in the warm-up. My left knee disagrees with all that hopping so I just decided to leave them out. I’m plenty warmed up after the warm-up anyway. AND sweating like a pig soon after that. 🙂

Cosgrove’s FBB program lasts 4 months and is a combination of metabolic resistance training and high intensity interval training (HIT). The emphasis is on strength training though. Steady state cardio is not part of the program except in the later phases.

Lack of steady state cardio is also the biggest change to my current workout routine. I guess I’ve fallen into a comfortable groove with cardio, and according to Rachel Cosgrove, your body ultimately adapts to cardio and stops burning fat. That’s why there are so many flabby marathoners around.

The FBB program is not some leisurely weight lifting program.

Like I already said, I sweat like a pig when I do the workouts but I also feel very happy when I finish. There are many tricky moves like lunges, Romanian deadlifts, a Bulgarian split squat (eek!?!), moves with the icky stability ball and so on. And then there is the prone cobra which I can only hold about 40 seconds…at the moment. And then I kind of like the partial co-contraction lunges, I’m just not able to do many of them in a row!

In all, the FBB workout is fun and challenging. I love the fact that I’m actually able to do the moves unlike with Flavia’s workouts, which were clearly too difficult to me.

I feel like I’m finally on my way to become a fit female!

Grab your own copy of Female Body Breakthrough here.