Bat Wings and Body Issues

No photos, please!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a cheap pocket video camera. I shot this kind of “funny” video about diagnosing my flabby upper underarms (!) that I posted on my Finnish fitness blog. Big mistake!

Watching the video for a few times forced me to face my body issues – mostly how fat I’ve become. I also have bat wings, double chin, too much facial fat and my teeth could use fixing – and this was only the upper part of my body.

It seems to be okay to gain weight as long as you’re not forced to see yorself in too many photos (or videos) and if you somehow manage to avoid squeezing yourself in a tiny changing room to try on new clothes.

All are activities I’ve mostly managed to avoid lately.


Well, maybe something good comes out of shooting that video. It might help me muster enough motivation to actually lose the extra weight I’ve gained in the last three years. So far part of me has stubbornly resisted the idea of getting to work.

Still, I do wonder why it’s so difficult for me to accept my body and whether I should do something about it.

Some people seem to be able to accept and like themselves despite all kinds of imperfections. They don’t let a few extra rolls or wrinkles prevent them from enjoying life. And let’s say it – I may lose the extra weight but the situation is still going to gradually worsen – my skin is going to sag, my teeth erode and my muscles are going to lose their firmnes when I age.

One solution – I think this is the most “popular” one – would be to wear tents and ignore my body as much as possible. Another solution would be to reseort to plastic surgery.

But I think both just avoid the issue which is self-acceptance. How do you learn to like yourself if you don’t?

AFTERNOTE: Perhaps I’m to pessimistic about aging, like Aimee suggests in her comment. Then, a few hours ago I found this video of a 72-year old woman who has a body of a 20-something. And she started strength training at 60!