Are You An Emotional Dresser?

emotional dressingI’m procrastinating on writing the second part to the 2-part post “Two weight loss strategies that guarantee failure”, so I figured I’m going to write something light-hearted in the meantime. 🙂

I want to discuss some interesting stuff I found on the Internet  the other day.

Science Daily reviewed some recent research on a phenomenon I dubbed “emotional dressing”. Psychologist Karen Pine investigated the relationship between women’s emotional state and what clothing they choose to put on in the morning. The main result was that the majority of women ( 2/3) ) wear jeans (and a baggy top) when they are depressed, and only 2% said they would wear a baggy top when happy. Your mood state also affects what accessories you use.

The researchers also suggested that you should intentionally trywearing something other than jeans when you’re feeling low.

After mulling over the research for awhile, an alarming thought popped into my mind: “I almost always wear jeans and often a baggy top too! Should I draw the conclusion I’m chronically depressed? “ I do admit I tend to wear baggy clothes, feel frumpy and am honestly pretty fed up with my life. Just today I was sitting in a train thinking I should wear more colourful clothes because they feel more like “me” than the baggy blue/brown/khaki green stuff I usually put on. Eek, where did I hide all my skirts?

Could you change your life by changing what you wear? I don’t know the answer, but people often change their looks and their wardrobe when they make important changes to their life.

My questions to you: How often do you consciously try to cheer yourself up by choosing fancy clothes? How often do you choose looks over comfort?