Towards relaxed eating – part 2

When I first started writing this post I intended to write about what and how and how much you should eat so that you could best lose weight and stay healthy. But in the middle of writing I just realized that I’m not at all interested in writing that kind of post. I’m not a health and weight loss expert: diet and nutrition books exist so you can consult them if you feel like that!

Friends drinking chocolate

Friends drinking chocolate

I’m interested in how I can create my personal eating and exercising habits that allow me to stay in normal weight while enjoying both eating and good health. I chose the photo in this post because it portrays what I strive for.

My guiding principles are (relative) ease and fun and wellbeing. When I test some new dish, behaviour or form of exercise, I’ll ask myself: Is this fun? Does this fit in my life? How long am I able to keep this up? Can I modify this so that it suits my life even better without losing the benefits? How does this make me feel?

Does this mean that the road ahead is completely effortless? Probably not. I still need to watch what I eat and be willing to admit if I’m getting nowhere with this approach.

Off to have some fun now! 😀