My Recap for Year 2011

Photo credit: Flickr/jurvetson

It’s time to recap year 2011!


When I look back, I can more or less neatly divide the year 2011 in three parts.

The first part of my year lasted from January to early June and it could be called “Going strong”. I became a regular exerciser and gained lots of extra energy. My moods improved and I even lost some weight, as witnessed by my weight loss progress photos.

The second phase of my year (“Becoming an intuitive eater”) started in June, when I admitted I’m not happy with my relationship to food and eating. Even though I was eating better than before, I often felt stressed out and spent too much time worrying about how healthy my diet is and whether I’m eating too little of this or too much of that.

I started reading about intuitive eating on the Internet and finally bought Tribole and Resch’s book on intuitive eating. I was tired of the dieting mentality, so I decided to give intuitive eating a try.

One of my biggest insights during this phase was that I can (learn to) trust my body when it comes to how much I eat and what I eat. I don’t need external diet rules to regulate my eating. Also, my diet doesn’t need to be perfect all the time and it’s ok to eat purely for pleasure.

The end result is that now my relationship to eating is much more relaxed than before.

The last three months of 2011 have been hard going. Because of that I dubbed the third part of my year “Struggling for Self-Care”. I started having recurring migraines in September and was tired all the time. I also struggled to keep exercising regularly and didn’t progress with my push up challenge.

I spent some time thinking about how I spend my time and came to the conclusion I have a lifestyle problem: I spend too much time at the computer. I need some time off, doing something concrete and physical (surprisingly enough, that has often been something mundane like baking, sewing or de-cluttering my apartment)!

I’ve also started taking at least one day off of computer, and it has paid off.


Fitness-wise I think my year has been pretty good.

My fitness level has improved, and I didn’t struggle with knee pain like I did in 2010. My only big disappointment has been weight loss: I think I’ve probably regained all the weight I lost during the first part of my year (in case you’re wondering,  I don’t weigh myself very often…).

Goals and plans for 2012

I make no new year’s resolutions for 2012, but I do have some concrete goals and activities I’m going to focus on.

  • Activity: Keeping a food journal
  • Fitness goal: 10 Military Push-Ups by 31st May, 2012
  • Blog: Continue with the Exercise Hero Interview Series

Keeping a food journal regularly is the next step in my intuitive eating journey (the first one was experimenting with “forbidden” foods). I’m also going to continue with my push up challenge for 2012. Now it’s time to really start working toward my goal in earnest.

Happy New Year 2012!