Constantly Tired? My Super Simple Cure

About six weeks ago I was feeling constantly tired, like some mysterious force had drained every drop of energy out of me.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I suffered from muscle pains and impending migraine attacks. That’s usually a sure-fire that sign my stress-o-meter is in the red!

I puzzled over my fatigue for a time, because I hadn’t spent longer days at work than usual but was still feeling tired and stressed out. And I had a nagging suspicion that there was (still is) something wrong with my lifestyle in general.

I searched the Internet and found an apt term for my condition  “quality-of-life shortage”  in an article about exhaustion cure. Light-bulb lit up in my brain and I realized that I wasn’t merely suffering from any garden-variety of shortage: I had the kind of quality of life shortage that is caused by excessive use of information technology.

Translation: too much screen-time.

My suspicions were confirmed when felt greatly revived after I radically cut my computer time on two consecutive weekends.  And I didn’t  spend a weekend in a spa, in fact, I did nothing special on those days: I  just vacuumed, walked, did plenty of Feldenkrais, watched a couple of movies, baked and tried a couple of new dishes, read several books and finished some long-postponed household chores.


I love computers and the Internet, but I think our brains and bodies crave something tangible and concrete to do to counterbalance all the time we spend at computer. If you spend all your free time surfing the Internet (or even blogging and doing something “creative”) , you’re not going to get the rest your body and brain crave.

If you think you might be constantly tired because of the time you spend at the computer during your free time, switch off the computer. Go vacuum or do the dishes. Your brains absolutely love washing the dishes (if you do it slowly). 🙂

P.S. Fatigue is a common symptom of many illnesses from the common flu to hypothyroidism. If your fatigue persists (and lifestyle modifications don’t help) do yourself a favor and see a doctor.