Four Must Have Ergonomic Gadgets Aimed At Office Workers

Today’s guest post is from Missy Diaz who writes about some must have ergonomic gadgets for office workers. You should definitely check the Mashable infographic about “how sitting all day is killing us”!


Office workers now a days have a myriad of cool gadgets to choose from in order to make their office stations as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. The right office equipment, tools and furniture can make the difference between a passable eight hour workday and one that seems to last forever and gets you home with a series of aches and pains.

Make no mistake about it, if your office station set up is lacking in comfort – your body will notice it and fast. As BodyCapabe is all about the right environment and tools for your comfort,  I highlight four fun ergonomic gadgets for office workers that you might be interested in – should you need an office makeover or simply are in need of comfort.

1. Ergonomic Chair – one of the most important (if not THE most important) item in your office set up should be the chair. Care and thought should be put into this item as it will most likely be the most used of all the tools and furniture in your station. Plan on spending a bit extra than normal to find a high quality chair that is labeled as ergonomic and good for your back. Look for things like lumbar support, good construction, solid materials and so on. Feel free to try some out in person by visiting a local office supply store such as Office Depot or Office Max and then shop online to compare prices.

2. Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse – your employer might provide you basics such as a laptop, desktop computer, mouse, keyboard, chair etc however you might want to invest some of your own money to find better quality equipment and or furniture. For example one of the lesser expensive items you might be able to supply on your own is the keyboard and mouse. Look for brands that imply ergonomic features such as a mouse with natural wrist components and a keyboard with a natural curvature built in, a wrist pad, etc. The pair we link above is one you might be interested in and was found online via Amazon.

3. Laptop Feet – if you’re laptop at work is on your desk with no height adjustment on it, it most likely might be too low. Meaning you have to bend your neck and head down some for you to see the monitor and or screen correctly. This is considered an ergonomic no no. So in that case, one simple (and inexpensive) thing you can do is buy a pair of laptop feet and these will elevate the screen higher which will in turn allow you to view it at a better angle. Not too mention that these cool little pair of laptop feet will also allow your laptop additional room below to cool off while it’s on.

4. Ergonomic Infographic – if you’re murky on what ergonomics are really about and how they can help you? Linked above is a wonderfully informative and graphic representation of how an office set up should look and feel and why it’s important. Everything from how you sit to where your eyes should fall on your computer screen is detailed and explained in a no-fuss and easy to understand graphic. This should help demystify ergonomics as it did for me. The infographic is about “how sitting all day is killing us” and is a treasure trove of information and statistics.

Let us know below in the comment area what changes you plan to make and or how best to implement some of these changes?

This guest article was written by Missy Diaz who works for various clients including a high speed internet provider online.