Introducing Real-Life Exercise Hero Lori Kimble

Lori flexing her biceps before the triathlon.

Welcome to the third interview in the Exercise Hero series.

My series features real-life  persons who have morphed from coach potatoes to exercise heros who can be a source of inspiration for the rest of us.

My interviewee is Lori Kimble (43)  from New York, USA. She has an impressive list of exercise-related accomplishments behind her, including a triathlon, duathlon and several 5K races. AND she can do chin ups!


Why did you start exercising? How long did it take before you started liking it?  I went through a few periods of exercise. I was doing Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds videos and using our Bowflex at home.  I had tried running, but I approached it wrong and hated it the first time around.  It wasn’t until I did the Couch to 5K that I figured out it wasn’t all or nothing.  I also found a bike that fit me that was a hybrid and I began biking a lot, which became more and more fun for me.

What is your favorite form of exercise?  Biking far and away is my favorite, favorite exercise! I don’t even think of it as exercise. Fitness is just a bonus from the fun I have.

How do you train at the moment? My training changed a bit after I hurt my back a year and a half ago.  I now just lift and bike with some walking. I don’t run anymore because of the issues I have with nerve damage from a herniated disk.

I know you did a triathlon, a duathlon and six 5K races all within 12 months. How did you manage to do all that?   You missed something in there.  I also did the New Rules of Lifting for Women program during that time LOL!  I initially started off training for 5Ks, and then my sister and I decided to do the triathlon.  That was scary, but we trained well for it.  The nice thing was that let me do other 5K races during the training period and after because I had the fitness level for it.  The duathlon was probably the hardest event and the one I am most proud of, and more fun than the triathlon because I actually don’t like to swim.  It was a tough course.

What kind of challenges have you had during your “exercise career”? That would have to be herniating a disk in my back in the spring of 2010.  It changed everything for me.  Just being able to walk again without pain took a long, long time and I never really got my running form back.  I kept trying to run again and could do it for a while, then it just caused problems with my leg due to residual nerve damage.  I finally gave it up and focused on the bike, which makes me happier anyway.  It is a little hard to accept that I probably will never be the same again.

Do you have any tips for “prospective exercise heros” or people who think they hate exercise? Find something you love.  I know you hear that a lot, but it really is important.  Try lots of different things because you might be surprised at what you love.  I love lifting weights, which is not something I thought of!

People have very busy jobs these days. How do you manage to fit exercise into your schedule? It’s not negotiable.  Like paying bills or brushing teeth.  It is just part of my day and I make time for it. It helps that I do the things I enjoy. I also try to do my workout first thing in the day so that it gets done.

What is your biggest fitness related accomplishment so far? I think it has to be riding 100 miles in a single day.  I have done that twice now and it is a huge accomplishment for me to be strong enough and fit enough to do that.

Do you have fitness goals you’d like to share? I don’t have any goals currently. I guess I should make some LOL!  Maybe get back to doing chin ups. Those are hard 😀

What do you do when/if you’re not motivated to exercise? I always say that you never regret a workout, but you will always regret not doing a workout.

Anything else you want to add? Women should really try strength training, and not the pink dumbbells.  You won’t get bulky and feeling strong is the best feeling!


You can meet Lori at her blog, Finding Radiance. Though, I have to warn you against  going there hungry or latte-deprived , because her posts include some delicious food photography. 🙂