Laptop Ergonomics – Rolling Computer Bag To The Rescue

kensington overnight laptop roller bag

Kensington overnight laptop roller bag for up to 17″ screens

I bought my first laptop more than a year ago, and traveling with it is definitely one of my least favorite things to do.

That’s especially true when I take a longer trip: carrying even a light 15” laptop computer in a messenger bag along with other luggage is a hassle I don’t look forward to. And I’m not a person who travels lightly. 🙂

Buying an iPad or a netbook wouldn’t solve the problem, because I need to be able to do my work which requires more from my computer than being able to read and answer occasional emails and surf the net.

And because I’m stickler to ergonomics, I like to carry an external keyboard with me – once I even stuck my full-size keyboard in my luggage because I didn’t want to use the keyboard that comes with a laptop.


Carrying your laptop in a messenger bag is not ergonomically the best solution, but nor is carrying it in a backpack designed for laptops. If you’re prone to tension headaches and suffer from neck and upper back pains (and especially if you have a forward head – meaning your head sticks ahead of you shoulder plum line), you can easily strain your upper back muscles even more.

Luckily, someone has already solved the problem and invented rolling computer bags. I found two Kensington models that are both affordable and functional.

Kensington rolling computer bags

The first one suited for short trips to work and from work – if you use a car I suppose it doesn’t matter what kind of case you carry your laptop in – and the second model is more suited for overnight travels where you need to take a change of clothes with you.

Kensington’s Balance Notebook Roller Bag – For short trips and commuting

kensington laptop roller bag onyxKensington Notebook Roller Bag is a compact, lightweight  (6.7 lb which is 25 % lighter than other rollers) solution for carrying a 15” notebook computer. The balance notebook roller bag has a telescoping handle for pulling and a double-strap handle for carrying.

Regardless of the compact size, there’s room for stuff like notebooks, calendars and a small purse and it has an external pocket for travel documents and phones. The notebook compartment is padded against external bumps. Because it’s lightweight, it’s easy to put up in overhead compartment.

Extra benefit: It’s stylish!

Click here to get a  Kensington Balance Notebook Roller Bag.

Kensington Overnight Notebook Roller – For overnight trips

kensington overnight laptop roller bagKensington’s overnight roller suitcase is a good solution for carrying a big notebook computer (even a 17” laptop ), along with clothing and toiletries, laptop accessories and documents. Like the Balance model, the overnight notebook roller has a telescoping handle for pulling and a separate handle for carrying it.

Extra benefit: It has more room than the first model, but still can be taken as a carry on.

Click here to get Kensington Overnight Notebook Roller.


I’d really like to have both of them. Too bad that the overnight rolling computer bag doesn’t look as good the Balance model!

Best Wishes,