Workout Journal Week #16

Last week was a good week . 🙂 My average steps for week 16 were 10,426! And I haven’t had passive – 3,000-4,000 step – days for some time, which is a great thing.

My exercises consisted of  5 x 30-45 minute walks (either real walks or Sansone’s walking workouts) plus  two 30 min strength training sessions (using bodyweight moves + hand weights and elastic bands). That’s 7 units of more or less formal exercise per week.

I feel I ‘ve finally achieved what I strived for so long: becoming more active physically. Exercising is a habit which means I don’t need to push myself to move nor does it feel like a chore.

My mood has also improved, I feel much more energetic, stable and positive than before.

We’ve had great weather in Finland the last couple of weeks and it’s partly to thank for my success. It’s easier to go out and exercise when you don’t first have to bundle yourself against the elements.