Best Toning Shoes For Women – Comparison

Originally, I was going to look for new walking shoes, but when I arrived at the store I couldn’t resist the temptation to try on some toning shoes. I picked the best three brands to discuss here.

I don’t “believe” in toning shoes, if believing means toning shoes are supposed to help you burn more calories than you otherwise would (it’s just a clever marketing trick).

What probably happens, is that toning shoes help recruit different leg muscles than what you usually use.  If you use them long enough, you might even end up toning your butt, thigh and calf muscles. (My muscles have definitely toned up since I started walking regularly 5 months ago).


Reebok Easytone Reenew Toner

reebok easytone reenew toning shoesMy first pick is Reebok’s Easytone Reenew toning shoes. They look like standard walking shoes until you check the soles. The soles come with three air-filled pads that are supposed to make walking with them simulate walking on an unstable surface.

I was surprised at how comfortable the shoes felt and how well they supported my feet. The shoes look quite stylish too, especially the black and silver pair: I could see myself wearing them for work. The only minus was a clunking sound they make on hard floors.



Ryka Reform Toning Shoes For Women

ryka reform athletic toning shoeAs soon as I put Ryka Reform shoes on my feet and walked around in them, I knew they were a perfect fit. My feet are flat, narrow at the heel but wide at the forefoot, so it’s often difficult for me to find shoes that fit well. This pair of Ryka shoes fit my feet like gloves and still gave enough support for my arches. They were very comfortable to walk in, like I wasn’t wearing shoes at all.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Ryka brand, Ryka is a Finnish brand that designs fitness and sporting shoes exclusively for women. Compared with the other two brands, Ryka’s Reform toning shoes are bulky – they remind me of the original masai barefoot shoes with a thick heel and rounded forefoot.

If one could marry a pair shoes, I’d have married the Rykas then and there. 🙂


New Balance’s True Balance Toning Shoes

new balance True Balance toning shoesWearing the New Balance toning shoes felt a bit odd at first, because they force you to walk in an upright position and they have a very “springy” feel to them. Compared with the Rykas,  the toe box is narrow.

On the plus side, the New Balance’s Toning shoes were definitely the most stylish of the three brands. I especially liked the fresh and vibrant colors.


My Verdict

If it was possible, I would cross-breed the Rykas (for fit and comfort) with the New Balance shoes (for style). Because it’s not , the Ryka Reform toning shoes were my number one choice.

Overall, I was positively surprised by the toning shoes I tried. I think they were all very comfortable and fit for walking. If you’re looking for comfortable walking shoes, take a look at the toning shoes too.

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