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Can you get up from the floor? Try this!

Smiling mature man kneelingDo you know if you’re fit enough for living your life independently? This may sound like a stupid question, but try the test below yourself and you might be surprised.

I found the test in a blog post written by Katy Bowman (my new favorite blog!). She’s is a Biomechanist and writes about all things related to the alignment of the body. The test is named Sit Down and Get Up and it’s used to assess your level of functional strength, flexibility and balance. You need them all to be able to go effortlessly go through your everyday life. [Read more…]

Fitness Inspiration from Roni Noone

roni-noone-graphicToday is a good time for sharing some fitness inspiration, so I created a graphic out of the Roni Noone quote that resonated the most with me in the beginning of January.

The quote is from Roni Noone’s blog post re the #wycwyc challenge:

We live messy lives and those who stop waiting for perfect are the ones who reach their goals. ~Roni Noone

It’s the *perfect* quote for all perfectionists who have a tendency to wait for circumstances to be just right before taking action. 🙂 [Read more…]

The impossibility of mindful eating for weight loss?

Woman sucking her fingerToday’s post was inspired by Diane Carbonell’s recent post on mindful eating and weight loss. I’m inclined to think that mindful eating for weight loss is possible, but not easy or simple.

Let me explain.

I started brushing up my mindfulness skills in September and since that time I’ve had a couple of experiences that I think are very relevant to the topic of learning to eat mindfully. [Read more…]

Workout plan for spring 2014 and flu #2

Not at all as cosy here, I just had to furnish the post with something!

Not at all as cosy here, I just had to furnish the post with something!

I’ve been waiting for a chance to start working out properly this spring, but so far I’ve been foiled in my pursuit.

I did one metabolic strength training session on Friday morning. I felt great, despite my glutes being a bit sore. But then I woke up on Saturday morning feeling wonky and as the day went on I had admit I was feeling feverish. [Read more…]

7 Totally Unsexy Health Related Resolutions for the New Year

Last Years New Year Resolution list failedNow that the rest of the world is joining the gym or ordering weight loss shakes online, I thought it would be fun to create suggestions for health and fitness –related New Year resolutions.

Only my suggestions are so simple and concrete that it should be actually possible to stick to them in the long term. [Read more…]