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Weight loss and exercise goals: process vs outcome?

aiming for the goal

I’ve followed Deb’s writing about goal setting with great interest because I have the same problem with it: I have a love/hate relationship with goal setting!

Setting new goals is fun and you can get a great boost from it. Then there is also the sense of achievement when you actually reach your goal. I think my own problem with goals is a result of my perfectionism. If I don’t reach my goals in the allotted time frame, I will mentally whip myself, declare myself a failure and in the worst case, quit on my goal altogether.

There have been times in my life I’ve sworn I’ll give up all goals in my life, just to relieve pressure. [Read more…]

Satu’s Hoorag Review

hoorag head_407x417

All sweaty after a strength training workout

Before Christmas, Hoo-rag sent me one of their bandanas so I can test and review it.

I’ve been wearing the bandana for some time already, but was slow to publish the post. [Read more…]

Obligated to Overeat?

Young hungry gluttonous woman eating pie, isolated on whiteI enjoyed spending my Christmas holidays with my parents and my sister’s family, not to mention my little nieces. 🙂

I have to admit though that I broke almost all the “eating rules” I set for myself before Christmas except one: during mealtimes I only ate what I wanted and took no seconds.

Despite the fact that I spent some time lolling in bed and munching chocolate, I had no difficulty fitting into my jeans when I left my parents house after a week-long stay.

Actually this was probably the first time ever I wasn’t overstuffed after the Christmas holidays.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that  continued to bother me even after Christmas. [Read more…]