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Living In a Cosy Prison?

I’ve been feeling very blue this week. One of my favorite Finnish bloggers shared a music video on his blog. I’ve been playing the video again and again because the lyrics feel especially poignant to me right now.

Perhaps they strike a chord in you too.

The song is  a-ha’s “Cosy Prisons”.

Take a moment if you dare
Catch yourself a breath of air
There’s another life out there
And you should try it
But hiding out in a salad bar [on inside an ice cream bin]
Isn’t gonna get you far
So if you’re careful
You won’t get hurt
But if your careful all the time
then what’s it worth

I added the ice cream part myself because I think both salad bars and bins of ice cream can equally be “cosy” hiding places. You spend your time worrying about E-codes and calories when the real issues in your life are left unaddressed for years or even decades.

And I think Deb form DietSchmiet is right to be worried about the future. At 44 you don’t have the luxury of dismissing the possibility that you could, indeed, be dead in 20 years – and your “song dying within you”, largely because you never managed to get unstuck from your issues.


For myself, I’m wondering where I can get the energy and courage to get unstuck from my current life situation in order to create something better for myself.

Weekly Exercise And A Plan

A year ago –  and for a long time – I used to post my weekly exercise on BodyCapable (like this). I was reading my old posts the other week and decided I want to try to resurrect the practice. I want to be accountable and perhaps push myself a bit harder.

As you’ll see, I have plans.

I’m going to post my weekly steps (I still use my pedometer every day), my training sessions and how many Feldenkrais lessons I do. I have a set of goals:

  • having a 7-day step average of > 8000 steps,
  • 2 x FBB strength training sessions,
  • 2 x FBB metabolic interval training sessions,
  • 2 x Feldenkrais lessons. [Read more…]

5 Easy Home Training Workouts

In today’s modern busy world, the rate of activity in our lives is ever decreasing. But did you know that being sedentary and sitting for hours on end actually shortens your life span?The solution is getting more movement into your life on a daily basis.

You can incorporate quick and easy home training workouts into your day. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to take hours of your time, it just has to get you moving!

So here are 5 things you can try that take just 10 minutes at a time.

5 Easy Home Training Workouts

1. The lazy morning workout

March on the spot lifting your knees as high as you can, do that for one minute, then crouch down and touch the floor doing a squat type exercise and get back up again. Do this for one minute and alternate between the two exercises until you get through 10 minutes. This is so easy you can do it before you have a shower in the morning!

2. Take the above exercise to another level

Jog on the spot lifting your knees as high as you can for one minute. Then squat down to touch the ground, and jump back up reaching into the air. Repeat the two exercises for one minute each. Trust me, this one will get your heart pumping and you’ll feel like you’ve done a one hour workout and you’ve only done 10 minutes!

3. The butt blaster

Lay on your back on the floor, knees bent, then raise your pelvis toward the ceiling, squeezing your butt muscles, repeat for one minute. Next roll onto your side resting on your elbow, legs straight out, point the heel of the top leg toward the ceiling a bit, then lift that leg up and down.

This will get right into the side of the butt and burn the fat off those problem areas. Do this for 30 seconds each side. Next get on all fours, straighten one leg out behind you and lift it up and down for 30 seconds each side. Go back to lying on your back and do the cycle again. Your butt will be burning by the end of it!

4. Take it outside

Home training workouts are great to take outside if the weather is nice. Try doing a sprint walk session in your yard or at your local park. If you’re like me you probably don’t like running much, but I can do it for just 5 minutes. Just sprint down the length of your yard, then walk back and recover. Keep doing this for 10 minutes and you’re done.

5. At work

Okay, if you’re lucky enough to have a private office, why not add a quick-10 minute session during work? It will help wake you and your body up. Of course you can use this one at home too. Just stand up and down off your chair 20-30 times.Then stand up and set your feet back, leaning in with your hands on the desk and do 20 pushups.

Use your chair or desk to do some dips for your triceps and tone those flabby arms. Do this by putting your hands behind you on a flat surface, your feet out from the desk or chair, weight into your hands, then lower yourself up and down, taking as much of your own weight as you can handle. You should feel this in the back of your arms. And lastly hold onto the desk and donkey kick with one leg, lifting it out behind you. Do this on both legs.

See how there are loads of quick and easy ways you can incorporate short home training workouts into your daily routine? I hope you will give it a try because you can surely spare 10 minutes of your day to move more. No excuses!

Jedha D is a weight loss and wellness coach. For more info visit her health blog here.