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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Sorry for today’s whiney post title. I’m not exactly in a constructive mood today. 🙁

For some reason I always manage to convince myself that I can skip Feldenkrais lessons for a couple of weeks with no problem. I can’t, and now I suffer from aching neck and shoulder muscles. My muscles are so bunched up that I actually feel dizzy.

But back to today’s topic: my monthly before and after pictures. I haven’t weighed myself for a couple of months so I have no numbers to compare to, but based on my comparison pictures – and the way my clothes fit – I’d say I’m more or less the same than a month ago.

Left: 5th July | Right: 9th August

Below are the side pictures.

Left: 5th July | Right: 9th August 2012

It’s embarrassing to keep posting these pictures when nothing happens.

So why can’t I lose weight?

June was a difficult month for me, so I can  understand it. July was better, but obviously not good enough for me to actually lose weight. My quality of life and being able to take good care of myself (and consequently lose weight) go pretty much hand in hand. I AM trying to make improvements in my life but I’m afraid it may take years to have results. So should I give up on the weight loss attempt for now and concentrate on other things: getting fitter and not gaining weight?

What consoles me a bit is that at least I’m getting stronger little by little. I just started the third phase of  Lynn Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough program.

I suppose that instead of asking myself  “why can’t I lose weight?” I should ask how can I make my life better and more fun. I have some ideas for that, but I’ll write about them on Sunday…

Can You Still Have Bad Posture With Good Computer Ergonomics?

Posture collapse

Today I’m publishing a guest post article by Dr. Natalie Cordova.

She is writing about an issue I’ve quietly been wondering about for some time.

How much of our poor posture and muscular aches and pains are caused by poor ergonomics?  How much of it is caused by poor muscular (especially core) strength? I don’t touch a laptop without using an external monitor and keyboard, but I still suffer from pains and aches. I think that is partly because I simply don’t have the strength to maintain my good posture for a very long time.

An hour or a little longer perhaps, then my posture collapses.

But now it’s Dr. Cordova’s turn. [Read more…]

How to Avoid Stress – My Mini-Epiphany

Would you dare buy a stress cupcake without reading all the reviews first?

On Monday afternoon, I had this mini-epiphany on how to avoid stress. It’s so simple it’s almost idiotic.


I was sitting with my mom in a café, savoring my truffle-flavoured ice cream and watching how two tired middle-aged women tried to choose something to eat and drink. Because they went meticulously through all the options, making the decision took them almost five minutes.

I could read (well, guess) what was going through their minds, because I am them. I am a maximizer, who, according to this Wikipedia article:

….is like a perfectionist, someone who needs to be assured that their every purchase or decision was the best that could be made. [Read more…]