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New Set of Before and After Pictures

It was again time to take a new set of pictures to assess whether I’ve lost any fat or not. I wasn’t very happy about it, because June was a hard month for me. I had a hard patch, and for over a week I only ate candy and ice cream or any food – that didn’t require cooking. I didn’t much exercise either.

Not a good thing, obviously.

Here are the front shots, taken on 7th June and today, 5th July.

It looks like I might have lost an itty bit of belly fat. But then the site pictures tell a different story… [Read more…]

Quality of Life and Gaining Weight

Everyone who has dieted more than once knows that it’s very likely you’ll regain the weight at some point in future. (Whether you’re willing to acknowledge the fact is another matter entirely.)

There are many reasons why that happens, one of them being that you never learned to eat better while you were losing weight. But even if your diet is better now than before you started dieting, that doesn’t guarantee you won’t gain weight at some point. [Read more…]