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Revisiting Exercise Goals

Two years ago when I started this blog I wrote a post about my long-term exercise goals.

I wrote that when I will turn 50, I want to be able to do 20 military push ups in a row, swim like a seal, dance salsa for hours and sleep like a baby every night. Well, I also frothed about being able to hurl club bells above my head – I had seen someone use them and it looked fun, so I wanted to start “hurling” them too. 🙂

Do my exercise goals still stand?

I guess so.

I haven’t lifted a finger to become a better swimmer nor have I learned salsa yet (I own a Salsa dvd but I haven’t practiced for a long time), but at least I’ve improved my cardiovascular fitness and am firmly in the process of increasing my lower and upper-body strength. Sooner or later I’ll be able to do those 20 military push ups in a row. [Read more…]

Sitting Kills Millions

wooden figure sitting on a window sill

Photo credit: Flickr / JoshSimons

The study published last week by Lancet estimates that physical inactivity – i.e. sitting – killed 5 – 12 million people prematurely in 2008. Physical inactivity causes as many deaths yearly as smoking, alcoholism and obesity, and it’s the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.

Also, physical inactivity increases the risk of many non-contagious diseases like coronary heart disease, diabetes (type 2), breast and colon cancers. The researchers also estimated that if inactivity was decreased by 10%, over half million lives would be spared. Twenty-five percent decrease would save 1.3 million lives. [Read more…]

New Fitspiration & Exercise Update

fitspiration picture

Quote by Mia Hamm

I decided it’s time to create a new fitspiration picture. I chose Mia Hamm’s quote as a starting point: “I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.” [Read more…]

Overhauling My Daily Routine

Picture credit: Flickr/Daniel Flower

Last Friday I made an impromptu decision to abstain from diet Pepsi for 30 days. Naturally, I had to get  my “last supper” Pepsi Max late that evening.

I wanted to give up my diet Pepsi habit because it had become a daily habit.

Every day, regardless of weather, at some point I would get up, go for a walk and buy myself a diet Pepsi (and usually some chocolate). The good thing about it was that I was very religious about my daily walks. The bad thing is that I would also like to a) have healthy teeth and b) save some money (even soda is expensive in Finland).

And it’s just infuriating that I’m slave to some habit. Have you ever tried to get rid of some innocuous habit of yours? Then you know how powerless you can feel over your life! [Read more…]

Best Position to Sleep? Suggestions for Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headache Sufferers

He seems to be sleeping comfortably, but you can actually find two errors in his sleeping position. Can you tell what they are?

I had a first-degree encounter with a bad sleep position a couple of weeks ago. It was a miserable start for a day: I was woken by an overeager telephone salesman and with a mild crick in my neck.

I can’t actually remember what position I woke up in – must’ve been that bloody salesman’s fault – but in all likelihood I was sleeping on my side, which shouldn’t be such a bad position to sleep.

The crick in my neck reminded me about what I learned about good sleeping positions a few years ago. [Read more…]