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Easter Eggs and Weight Loss Progress

I read Deb’s post about Easter and chocolate eggs on Thursday, so I decided to celebrate my Easter by eating one chocolate egg on Good Friday. You can see my chocolate egg are on the left. I was very pleased with my choice – and even though I ate 50 grams of chocolate, I still had a calorie deficit that day.

Otherwise, Easter has been like any long weekend for me. I’ve always thought of Easter as a very boring holiday, except as a child. That’s because we have a local tradition in Finland that children wear Easter witch costumes and go from house to house requesting treats (they usually get candy, chocolate or money). On Saturday evening we also burn big bonfires.

So it’s a bit like Halloween in the US, without the trick part. [Read more…]

2 Weight Loss Strategies That Guarantee Failure Part 2

weight loss strategies

Relying on willpower is a weak weight loss strategy.

This is part 2 of my two-part series on weight loss strategies that guarantee failure. In part one I claimed skipping meals is the number one reason you will fail to lose weight.

The same can be said about trying to lose weight by relying on willpower.

Just imagine how ludicrous it would’ve been if Columbus had decided to step on a row boat one morning (without any provisions), convinced he’s going to land in India quite soon. We all know what happened – in reality Columbus planned his expedition for years, and even then his journey wasn’t quite successful. 🙂

Similarly, in weight loss, a decision to restrict your eating from now on is not going to take you very far. [Read more…]