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Push Up Challenge and Migraine Stuff

Pain in the neck

I decided to abort my push up challenge yesterday. Doing push ups stiffens my upper neck muscles which in turn triggers migraine headaches, so I decided it makes no sense to  continue with the challenge.

Also, I visited a headache specialist on Tuesday for the first time.

To decrease inflammation, she put cortisone injections to the muscles that attach to the base my skull . (Yikes!) I also got a prescription  for preventive medication (amitriptylin) to be taken in the night. The nice thing (really a side-effect) about amitriptylin is that it knocks me out in the evening and I’m finally able to get a good nights’ sleep. I also got a prescription for sumatriptan, which I take in case I notice I’m getting a migraine attack.

Now we will wait and see how my migraine corresponds to the medication.


I’m a bit disappointed I have to give up push up challenge. I could already feel I’m getting stronger in my upper body. However, it doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on military push ups altogether. No, I still have more than 6 years to figure out how to get a really strong body upper body.  🙂

If I can’t take a straight route to my goal, I take circuitous one!

How To Make Exercise Fun (Again)

Photo credit: Flickr / oakleyoriginals

Stuck in a workout rut? Been following the exact same routine for the last 12 months, or even more? The good news is that it’s pretty easy to figure out how to make exercise fun again. You may only need to tweak your routine a bit.

There’s bad news too. Boredom isn’t the only consequence of following the same routine for months on end. If you don’t regularly change your routine, you also stop getting stronger, losing fat and improving your endurance.

Here are my three tips on how to make exercise fun again.

#1: Set yourself a demanding fitness goal

Setting up a demanding fitness goal immediately makes your training more interesting. You start thinking more carefully about how you train and whether what you do is going to help you reach or goal or not. What exactly is needed for you to be able to do those 10 push ups | run that 5K in less than x minutes | do splits in three months?

#2: Introduce an element of competition

I’ve never been into competitive sports, so I was a bit surprised when noticed I have a competitive streak! My little sister decided to get fit about five months ago, and after that I’ve been a bit worried she will suddenly be in a better shape than I am.  [Read more…]

Back in Business

strength training for women

I'm going to go from frumpy to fabulous.. 🙂

I’ve spent most of last week in the throes of migraine, so I haven’t felt like blogging lately.

Luckily I got a doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks about my migraine. I really, really hope I’m a good candidate for preventative migraine medications like triptans. On the basis of what I’ve read so far, it’s possible my current meds are incompatible with migraine medications (or may even trigger them!). In that case I’d rather get rid of the medications or replace than suffer from migraines.

Migraine is a holistic experience. 🙂

I mean it f**ks every aspect of your life and makes it almost impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while it lasts. You certainly don’t have much control on your eating – you either won’t eat because of constant nausea (or vomiting)  or you have powerful cravings. For instance, during my latest migraine attack I either ate nothing because of nausea or craved ice cream, chocolate, orange-flavored sodas (I usually drink Pepsi Max, but during migraines I crave orange-flavored sodas), chips and salty liquorice (salmiakki). Top diet, no?!

Of course, exercise is also out of question. I can usually walk around and even do some light errands when I’m not in the active headache phase, but that’s it.


But enough of migraines already!

On Tuesday I received my copy of Rachel Cosgrove’s Female Body Breakthrough (FMM). I’ve been reading it here and there for a couple of days.  Rachel Cosgrove certainly knows her fitness stuff. I found the following intriguing snippet on p. 123. [Read more…]