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Emotional Eating – A Prime Example

Impotent rage

I had a little tete-a-tete with emotional eating last Wednesday.

And I think it also happens to be a good example of modern stress reaction and my (almost) successful way of responding to it. 🙂


In the beginning of last week, I had to write three applications for three different authorities at the same time.  In addition to filling in 3 forms and writing several accounts to clarify my situation, I had to hunt for more than 20 different documents to add to those applications. Because I haven’t been filing my papers too well lately, my task proved to be much more difficult than I expected.

I had thought I would get everything done by Wednesday noon, but that time came and went and my brain was slowly but surely getting unglued. At some point, I sat on the floor with stacks of papers surrounding me from every angle, seething from rage. [Read more…]