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Results On Aerobic Fitness Test and A New Fitness Goal

the start placeFor a long time, I’ve wanted test my aerobic fitness level, which I finally did on Friday afternoon.

For the test, I chose the Eurofit 2 Kilometer Walk Test (2 km ~1.24 miles ) that is commonly used in Finland. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment, you only need a heart rate monitor (even a stopwatch may be enough), so I figured I can do it on my own.

The Topend web page states rather depressingly that it’s a test for “adults aged 20-65 of poor fitness who would not be able to complete a running test”. Huh.

Luckily, I have a well marked 3.75 km forest path near where I live which I test walked on Wednesday. On Friday afternoon I belted myself with my Suunto heart rate monitor and headed for the track. When I passed the starting point, I took off like a pack of hungry zombies was on my heels (you’re supposed to walk 2 km as fast as you can). When I reached the 2km end point, I stopped and checked my heart rate and time.

According to my Suunto heart rate monitor, I walked the track in 19 minutes and 9 seconds and my heart rate at the end was 74. [Read more…]

Laptop Ergonomics – Rolling Computer Bag To The Rescue

kensington overnight laptop roller bag

Kensington overnight laptop roller bag for up to 17" screens

I bought my first laptop more than a year ago, and traveling with it is definitely one of my least favorite things to do with it.

That’s especially true when I take a longer trip: carrying even a light 15” laptop computer in a messenger bag along with other luggage is a hassle I don’t look forward to. And I’m not a person who travels lightly. 🙂

Buying an iPad or a netbook wouldn’t solve the problem, because I need to be able to do my work which requires more from my computer than being able to read and answer occasional emails and surf the net.

And because I’m stickler to ergonomics, I like to carry an external keyboard with me – once I even stuck my full-size keyboard in my luggage because I didn’t want to use the keyboard that comes with a laptop.


Carrying your laptop in a messenger bag is not ergonomically the best solution, but nor is carrying it in a backpack designed for laptops. [Read more…]

About Stress And Weight Loss

stress and weight lossThe connection between stress and weight loss is not something that is discussed very much. I started thinking about the topic just because my favorite nutrition expert – Patrik Borg – put so much emphasis on it in his latest book.

When I thought about it, I noticed a recurring pattern in my own life: practically all periods of considerable weight gain in my life go together with periods of high stress. Without those stressful periods I might well be normal weight.

My latest weight gain is a good example: I lost 28 lb with Weight Watchers in 2003 and was able to maintain most of  the weightI lost – until I started working in a high stress job in 2006. [Read more…]