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The Pros And Cons of Working Out At Home

I would like to discuss the pros and cons of working out at home vs. working out in a gym or group class.

There are many factors that affect the decision, like time and cost, but today I want to discuss something else.


One of the most important reasons I exercise at home today is that it’s easier to set your own pace and listen to your body, if you’re not in a group class. At home, you can also change your fitness program to your heart’s content.

Although it’s unlikely any class instructor would actually throw you out of the class if you took a rest when you need it, some kind of social comparison process seems to kick in when people are working out in a group setting. How many times have you found out after class that you pushed yourself harder than you should’ve and pay for it later?

Then there is the good pupil phenomenon. [Read more…]

Meet Angie Newton – A Real-Life Exercise Hero

Welcome to the very first “Exercise Hero” Interview.

I’m always intrigued and inspired by people who at some point in their lives have transformed from couch potatos to real-life exericise heros who can be role-models to us all.

I decided that interviewing is a perfect way to pick out their brains and (hopefully) learn the secret to their success. 🙂

My first interviewee is my fitness blogging buddy Angie Newton from Illionis, USA. Enjoy!


Why did you start exercising? How long did it take before you started liking it?

I started exercising to lose weight. I liked it immediately because I chose things I would have the most fun doing. No sense in doing workouts that aren’t fun!

What is your favorite form of exercise?

My favorite form of exercise is all types of boxing (kickboxing, shadow, Muay Thai,etc). Next on the list would be Walk Away the Pounds workout videos and I really enjoy the elliptical. [Read more…]