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Learning Intuitive Eating

Like I wrote in my diet without dieting post, I’ve committed myself to learning intuitive eating.

I decided to give intuitive eating a chance because I’m tired of thinking about weight and food all the time.

I’m aware it’s quite possible to lose weight the usual way – i.e. dieting – but also experienced enough to know that it’s not the solution that it’s purported to be.

Can you count how many times you’ve been on a diet, lost some weight and then gained it back? If you’re an average reader, I bet it’s more than 10 times. And if so, do you still sincerely believe that if you just manage to drop that extra weight this time, you won’t be back to square one in a couple of years? Or that now you’ve developed that self-control and self-discipline you didn’t have three years ago? [Read more…]

Do You Diet Without Dieting?

I haven’t been officially dieting for a long time.

I don’t restrict my calories, count fat or carb grams, binge or have a list of forbidden foods. I don’t exercise to earn a permission to eat my favorite foods. It goes without saying I’m above all that dieting nonsense like Cabbage Soup Diet or Blood Type Diet.

I’m so smart, am I not? 🙂

Nevertheless, I’ve started doubting that dieting mentality is still firmly rooted in the deep recesses of my mind. Whether I’m officially dieting or not, there’s something peculiar about my relationship with food .

It’s like I had a bomb inside me waiting to go off at any moment!

What set me thinking is the curious way I behaved on my summer vacation. I’m referring to the day I spent eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast, ice cream for lunch and generally enjoying all the foods I usually don’t allow myself to freely enjoy. I wasn’t bingeing and felt no regret the day after.

It’s obvious I usually keep myself in a tight control and can let my guard down only on special occasions like vacations.

There are many other signs I don’t trust myself around food: [Read more…]

Six Benefits Of Slow Weight Loss – Part #2

This is the second part of my two-part post “Six Five Benefits Of Slow Weight Loss”. 🙂

#4: No Messed-Up Hunger & Satiety

In practice, fast weight loss is impossible without hunger.

That’s why most diet programs offer tips like “drink lots of water between meals” or “figure out activities to distract yourself when you’re hungry”. That’s also the reason why most diets emphasize the importance of self-control.

What is wrong with resisting your hunger as long as you lose weight?

A lot of things, actually. To put it shortly, the system that regulates your hunger and satiety is meant to accurately [Read more…]

Ouch, I Sprained My Ankle – Again!

minor ankle sprain with some swelling and bruisingI was busy taking a walk on Monday afternoon when I tripped and fell on my right knee. I got up and realized that yes, I had sprained my left ankle again.

I’m a serial ankle sprainer.  I swear I’ve sprained my ankle dozens of times during my life.

My sprain is only a minor one, but I’m still worried. Last time I sprained my left ankle (three years ago?), my runner’s knee really flared up. I believe there’s a relationship between my ankle sprains and knee problems.

I just hope my knee doesn’t start bothering me again. I worked so hard to get rid of my runner’s knee. 🙁

In my former life it never occurred to me to rehabilitate my ankle sprain. If I sprained my ankle really badly, I visited a doctor and my ankle got bundled up, but that was that. Often I just suffered in silence and started hobbling around with my sprained ankle as soon as possible. Only recently did I learn to treat my ankle sprains using the R.I.C.E protocol.

I have probably myself to blame for my recurring ankle sprains.

[Read more…]