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Weight Loss In Pictures 2 + Workouts

Let’s leave my weight loss pictures update for later and concentrate on my workouts for a moment.


This is my third week of doing Flavia’s Full-Body-Licious program. My fitness level is clearly improving, because instead of doing one round of the four circuits I’m now able to  do two rounds!

It still doesn’t mean I’m not completely blasted after every workout. :-p

I’m not sure whether I should keep doing three workouts a week or increase my workouts to four per week. I probably play it safe and increase the amount of workouts after I really master them.


The annoying thing about Flavia’s program is that I think I’d get more out of the it if I needn’t always fumble with the equipment. My dumbbells are always on the other side of the room and the exercise ball on the other. The worst thing is that sometimes it takes ages to position the exercise ball so that it stays firmly in place and I’m actually able to do something with it.

Another pitfall is that even though it’s possible to do the program at home with an exercise ball, dumbbells and elastic bands, it would be much easier to do it in a gym with proper equipment. [Read more…]

Satu Does Flavia’s Full-Body-Licious Fitness Workout #1


I just finished doing Flavia Del Monte’s Full-Body-Licious workout number 1: Tight and Trim Thighs.

It took about an hour and I’m completely spent. 🙂

I’ve now done all five workouts from the Full-Body-Licious program at least once. The program consists of 5 different weekly full body workouts, but I’m still doing 3 workouts per week with at least one day’s rest in-between. My favorite workout is the one I did today, Tight and Trim Thighs. My least favorite is “Showoff Stomach”,  it has too much jumping plus abs workouts have never been my favorite.

I ditched completely one move in day 3 workout (close reverse lunge) because it hurt my left knee (which rarely happens nowadays). I guess I could ask Flavia for an easy substitution that doesn’t aggravate my knee.


Overall, I think I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve managed to find some kind of modification or substitution to movements I simply am not able to do yet. The biggest challenge has been using the stability ball – it requires amazing amount of strength and coordination just to be able to keep it under control.

If you’re wondering what I mean by difficult moves, then pike pushup is a good example. Flavia perfoms it using a stability ball, I contend with a lowly knee version. 🙂


I’ve been doing the program for two weeks now, so it’s too early to talk about results. I’ve noticed that my walking is lighter and I walk even faster now than before, and I always feel good and like my body is “in balance” the day after my workout.

It’s possible I’ve lost some fat too, but I think it’s too early for a new set of weight loss pictures.  🙂

P.S: Read my official review on Flavia’s Full-Body-Licious workouts.

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Why I Decided To Get Fit And Healthy

You may have heard that it takes ten years of work to become an overnight success.

I hope it doesn’t take that long for me to get fit,  even though it’s taken me three years to get where I’m today. At the moment, I’m quite optimistic I will make it in five.  🙂

I realized I haven’t really told the story of why I decided to get fit and what keeps me motivated to keep going. It hasn’t been a fast and straight-forward process,  which I assume is true about most getting fit stories.

But let’s start at the beginning.

At Forty, I Couldn’t See Myself Working At Fifty

Over three years ago I lived in misery. I had musculoskeletal pains all over my body: in my low back, in my shoulders and in my neck. Worst were the chronic tension headaches that could literally last weeks on end.

I woke up in the morning tired and miserable, and I went to bed feeling tired and miserable.

This had been going on for years. I was a faithful customer to massage therapists and must have spent thousands of dollars for various treatments over years.  I tried other things too: I had  physical therapy provided by my employer on several occasions, I tried yoga, osteopathic treatments (they actually helped some), pain killers and muscle relaxants. But still I kept getting worse.

Then I reached a point where going to massage therapists didn’t work anymore, nor did I get anything but short-term relief from physical therapy. (I even dutifully followed the exercise programs they gave me, which means I was really desperate). I also couldn’t stretch properly, because my muscles simply didn’t stretch. My muscles were constantly tensed, inflamed and painful.


There are a couple of things I remember from that time.

My physical therapist kindly told me that I was busy developing a dowager’s hump in my neck and one of my massage therapists never forgot to remind me that there’s so much fibrotic scar tissue in my shoulders.

I remember thinking “Wow!  I’m not only miserable all the time, I’m also destined to be an ugly old hag.” [Read more…]