How to Dress A Plump Middle-Aged Female

surprised girl in pinkLately, I’ve come to the conclusion that I really need to renew my wardrobe, from top to bottom. Unfortunately that is not as simple as it sounds. But it almost never is, when it comes to women and clothes.

My wardrobe is in a really bad shape these days. [Read more…]

Something Wild

DesertLike I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to shift my focus from active attempts at losing weight to improving other aspects of my life.

To me, wasting my energy in ineffectual attempts at losing weight is like sitting in a burning house while refusing to acknowledge the fact that I’ll soon be homeless if I don’t get up and extinguish the flames!

Even weight loss can be used as a way to avoid making difficult changes in your life. [Read more…]

Wild Midsummer and Low-Back Pain


Some pretty Midsummer flowers. Pelargonias, perhaps?

I have to clarify that MY midsummer hasn’t been very wild so far. The wildest thing that happened to me is that I wore my Hello Kitty nightie upside down AND forgot to wear my pedometer yesterday, which felt like I was going around blind and naked. [Read more…]

Perfect Weekend

I've been watering my sees religiously. I expect to have harvest in a couple of weeks..

I’ve been watering my seeds religiously. I expect to have harvest in a couple of weeks..

My weekend – especially Sunday – was pretty much perfect. No, I didn’t spend my weekend with a gorgeous hunk in a hotel in New York, but I’m sure my experience came close. 🙂

I was so fired up on Saturday morning that I planted spinach and coriander seeds on four pots that I placed on my balcony. Spinach in three pots, cilantro in one. [Read more…]

45 years and 7 quirky things

Woman in crownI had my 45th birthday on Tuesday. It occurred to me that if I live to see age 90, I’m about half-way through now. That’s a humbling thought. How am I going to spend the rest of my life?

I hope I will have more fun than I had during the first 45 years! [Read more…]