Wrapping up February, welcome March

WriterThis is the last day of February and the last day of my More movement, less exercise challenge.

In case you’re interested, I didn’t get juggling balls or footbags, at least not yet. 🙂


I’ve done my best to  increase the amount and variety of movement in my daily movement regimen. [Read more…]

February focus: More movement, less exercise

february-focus-moveJanuary is  over and I’ve chosen a new focus for February.

My January focus was #wycwyc – doing what I can, when I can. I applied the “wickwick” principle to incorporate more exercise in my daily life, cleaning my home and getting things done immediately – instead of just thinking about doing stuff.

Tackling things immediately was perhaps the most important achievement to me.

What comes to my February focus, it’s almost a continuation to the wycwyc principle. In February, my goal is to add more movement and more movement variety to my daily life. I got the inspiration from Katy Bowman’s article This year, exercise less on Breakingmuscle.com and from reading other posts on her blog. [Read more…]

7 Totally Unsexy Health Related Resolutions for the New Year

Last Years New Year Resolution list failedNow that the rest of the world is joining the gym or ordering weight loss shakes online, I thought it would be fun to create suggestions for health and fitness –related New Year resolutions.

Only my suggestions are so simple and concrete that it should be actually possible to stick to them in the long term. [Read more…]

My January focus – do what you can when you can #wycwyc

january-focus-wycwycAfter I read Mizfit’s December post about the wycwyc principle it was clear to me it would be my January 2014 theme.  Wycwyc stands for the maxim “(Do) what you can when you can”.

As far as I know blogger Roni Noone was the one who created the Twitter hashtag and started the #wycwyc challenge. [Read more…]

December focus: self-compassion

december-focusDecember started a few days ago.

This is the fourth month of my happiness project and the first month I’m going to focus on a single encompassing  theme. That is self-compassion.

This time I’m approaching the topic a bit differently: I’m repeatedly posing myself the following question: How can I treat myself kindly today? I chose the “one question technique” instead of the multiple resolutions because I still remember how well the Kaizen principle worked for me when I was trying to change a bad habit. [Read more…]