3 Simple Tips For Improving Your Sitting Posture

If you work at a computer or otherwise sit for long periods of time, it’s very likely you’re no stranger to neck, back and shoulder pains.

It’s your poor sitting posture that is to blame for your pains. Luckily, sometimes all that is needed to get rid of pains and aches, is a few simple posture corrections that you can apply instantly. Here are my three tips:

Tip 1:  Gently Arch Your Low Back

Sitting for hours on end fatigues your core muscles, and you may end up sitting in a slumped position that robs your lumbar spine of it’s natural arch (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about).  Slumping causes lower-back pains and can lead to bulging and herniated disks.

A simple way to correct the alignment of your lumbar spine is to position the base of your chair so that it slopes gently downward. This elevates your hips above your knees and helps recreate the natural arch in your lower back. large firm tush cush seat cushion

The downward slope can be achieved either by using [Read more…]

Two Simple Tips for Comfortable Laptop Usage

Woman using laptop computerDid you know that computer-related injuries have been on the rise since people started purchasing more laptops than desktop computers?

Most problems related to laptop usage could be easily avoided by acquiring a height adjustable laptop stand and a separate mouse and keyboard when you first purchase your laptop.


I recently had first hand experience of laptop problems myself. My old desktop computer broke down at the end of June and I ended up purchasing a sleek new 15.6” HP Pavilion Notebook. I thought my new laptop would be comfortable enough to use if I attached my old keyboard and mouse to it (I hate touch pads because the cursor always goes wild).

I was wrong. Soon after I started using my new laptop, my tension headaches made a comeback. [Read more…]