Wordless Thursday: When to Consult A Doctor…

I don’t think today’s “fitspiration picture” needs much explaining.

I stumbled upon the following warning in the beginning of Frank Forencich’s book Stresscraft. I had to take a second look before I got it right. 🙂

frank forencich quote

You thoughts please!

Three Simple Ergonomics Tips for Tablet and Smartphone Users

Young woman looking at modern tabletNot so long ago I was in a restaurant with a friend when we ended up discussing the ergonomics of smartphone and tablet devices. My friend had just visited her doctor to complain about her increased neck pain and aches in her left wrist and forearm.

The culprit was her new Nokia Lumia smart phone. The doctor had remarked that holding your arms elevated for long periods of time to be able to use the smart phone creates considerable strain for the neck muscles. [Read more…]

Relieve Your Shoulder Tightness with Foam Rolling Exercises

Hands up, if there is anyone there who doesn’t suffer from shoulder tightness? No? I thought so, or you wouldn’t be reading my blog. 🙂black-rollers


The fact is that hunching over computers, laptops and smartphones all day long creates a never-ending reserve of shoulder tension. I’m a naturally flexible person and I barely stretch my lower body to stay limber, but I need to constantly work to relieve my shoulder tightness so I’m able to have a relatively pain-free existence. [Read more…]

Can You Still Have Bad Posture With Good Computer Ergonomics?

Posture collapse

Today I’m publishing a guest post article by Dr. Natalie Cordova.

She is writing about an issue I’ve quietly been wondering about for some time.

How much of our poor posture and muscular aches and pains are caused by poor ergonomics?  How much of it is caused by poor muscular (especially core) strength? I don’t touch a laptop without using an external monitor and keyboard, but I still suffer from pains and aches. I think that is partly because I simply don’t have the strength to maintain my good posture for a very long time.

An hour or a little longer perhaps, then my posture collapses.

But now it’s Dr. Cordova’s turn. [Read more…]

Best Position to Sleep? Suggestions for Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headache Sufferers

He seems to be sleeping comfortably, but you can actually find two errors in his sleeping position. Can you tell what they are?

I had a first-degree encounter with a bad sleep position a couple of weeks ago. It was a miserable start for a day: I was woken by an overeager telephone salesman and with a mild crick in my neck.

I can’t actually remember what position I woke up in – must’ve been that bloody salesman’s fault – but in all likelihood I was sleeping on my side, which shouldn’t be such a bad position to sleep.

The crick in my neck reminded me about what I learned about good sleeping positions a few years ago. [Read more…]