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Wrapping up February, welcome March

WriterThis is the last day of February and the last day of my More movement, less exercise challenge.

In case you’re interested, I didn’t get juggling balls or footbags, at least not yet. 🙂


I’ve done my best to  increase the amount and variety of movement in my daily movement regimen. [Read more…]

After the migraine: how to prevent migraine headaches?

Stress - woman stressed with headacheI was under the weather during the weekend, suffering from a self-inflicted migraine attack. A bad one.

I call it self-inflicted because I might’ve been able to prevent it if I’d been more careful. I know from personal experience what habits I need to stick to in order to prevent migraine headaches. [Read more…]

Can’t do push ups? How to build strength for them.

push up challenge

This is what I aim for – I’m going to leave out the neck crane though.

Lauren Brooks published a post about doing proper (military) push ups after pregnancy or abdominal surgery. It’s a useful post for anyone who lacks core strength but wants to work toward real push ups.

Because I can’t do push ups myself I was especially interested in Lauren’s tips. [Read more…]

First step in resolving body image issues

morning portrait of beautiful girl in green fieldFor a couple of months, I’ve been wondering whether I ought to do something (proactive) about my body image issues or not.

Is my negative body image going to vanish when my weight problem takes care of itself?

I’m a bit skeptical about it.

The first reason is that having a negative self image is independent of how you actually look. [Read more…]

Mindfulness and commitment

commitment-quoteI wasn’t in the mood (sic!) for writing today, so I decided to share a great quote on commitment by Sammy Davis, Jr. :

You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.

I think one could also say: You always have two choices: your commitment versus your  convenience OR your commitment versus “pick your word of choice”. [Read more…]