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Sitting for a Long Time is the Worst Thing You Can Possibly Do to Your Back

Don't sit at desk all day!

Take a few simple steps to make your workday healthier.

We all know we shouldn’t sit in one place all day—our bodies are built to move—but we still spend most of our day sitting, either at work or in front of the computer or TV at home, and usually in positions that aggravate back injury, circulatory problems, and nerve damage. Whether you’re at work or at home, you can use these tips to keep your back healthy and strong without overhauling your lifestyle.

1. Take short walks throughout the day

This is one of those basic “nice ideas” that you’ve probably heard about, but haven’t bothered to try. What most people don’t realize is how much good a walk can do, even if it’s just a few minutes. Sitting for too long, especially if you’ve got scoliosis or bad posture, forces your back muscles to bear your body’s weight unevenly, which can cause inflammation or even unhealthy muscle development over time. If you get up, stand tall, and take a short walk, you break the unhealthy pattern and return your back muscles to a normal, healthy configuration. [Read more…]

Stopping Aging In Teeth

aging teeth

What will your teeth look like when you age?

There are many aspects of aging that get a lot of attention in terms of general discussion.

For example, things like deepening wrinkles, weight gain, thinning hair, etc. are very popular topics for people who feel that they are beginning to show some physical effects of aging. One aspect of this process that is not talked about as frequently, but which can also become a significant concern for many people, is visible aging in teeth.

It is not at all uncommon for people to notice their teeth darkening, and becoming less clean looking and even more vulnerable to decay, as they grow older. With this in mind, here are a couple of helpful tips for keeping your teeth pretty and your smile young.

To begin with, you may want to follow r tips on how to keep your teeth clean and white over time. There are a number of different ways to maintain whiteness in your teeth, some of which can be executed by professional cosmetic dentists, and some of which you can perform yourself. [Read more…]

Four Must Have Ergonomic Gadgets Aimed At Office Workers

Today’s guest post is from Missy Diaz who writes about some must have ergonomic gadgets for office workers. You should definitely check the Mashable infographic about “how sitting all day is killing us”!


Office workers now a days have a myriad of cool gadgets to choose from in order to make their office stations as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. The right office equipment, tools and furniture can make the difference between a passable eight hour workday and one that seems to last forever and gets you home with a series of aches and pains.

Make no mistake about it, if your office station set up is lacking in comfort – your body will notice it and fast. As BodyCapabe is all about the right environment and tools for your comfort,  I highlight four fun ergonomic gadgets for office workers that you might be interested in – should you need an office makeover or simply are in need of comfort. [Read more…]

Five Tips To Get Into Shape Without Delays

It’s time for a guest post again. Today’s guest poster is Cory Brusseau, one of the authors of  Dynamics of Motion fitness program I discovered when I was suffering form ankle sprain in August.

Cory discusses common exercise mistakes that delay an avid exercisers’s quest for the fit body. My take-home-lesson from his article concerns the importance of  strengthening your body’s weak points and correcting muscle imbalances before you can proceed to more advanced exercises.

And of course it’s important  to keep in check your high expectations and impatience.

Exercise Mistakes That Slow Results

By Cory Brusseau

Minor mistakes in a workout program can easily accumulate to bad habits over time, knocking you off track, and dramatically slowing your results. The very first thing to remember is not to focus simply on the results you want but to have a fitness program that you enjoy enough to stick with for the long haul. This alone will allow you to keep the body you deserve. Avoiding the following traps will speed you toward your goals and reduce the chances of injury. [Read more…]

Why Do People at the Gym Have Bad Posture?

Woman with a forward head posture doing biceps curlsDo you know how to work out at the gym so that you don’t aggravate your bad posture even further? Here is another guest post by Dr. Natalie Cordova.


“Maybe they just don’t know” I thought to myself after looking around the gym. I mean, they’re at the gym, working out, trying to take better care of themselves. They must have a serious interest in looking and feeling their best. Why else would they be here? Still I wondered, “Why do so many people at the gym have bad posture?”

As I sat watching, it became very clear to me the problem. They were all doing it. Bad posture on stair climber, bad posture on the treadmill, bad posture on all the weight machines.

A lot of people were using the equipment improperly, but that wasn’t telling the whole story. Most the exercises being done were all going to make the person’s posture worse, not better.

In any attempt to improve posture through exercise, you have to consider a couple of things. What activities do I do all day that may be contributing to my bad posture? What muscles do I need to exercise in order to make my particular posture problem better?

The first one is pretty easy for most computer users. They know they are hunched over the computer all day making things worse. Then their posture changes little when they drive home, when they eat their dinner, and when they sit on the couch. It’s all the same posture! Each one of these positions makes the muscles in the front of the body shorter while increasing the length of the muscles in the back.

Then they head off to the gym and continue to work the front muscles while ignoring the back. Maybe they work the front and back muscles equally at the gym? However, their daily activities are still “front-heavy” and they have to consider that during their workouts. Chances are they should be working out their backs twice as often as their fronts! For some people the ratio might even be 3:1.

The bottom line is going to be the results they are after. If they sit in front of the computer all day, then go to the gym and ride a stationary bike for an hour, they are still hunched over. They have to spend time exercising their back muscles and stretching the muscles in the front of the body.


Good posture is about balance. Balance from front to back and from side to side. Many people at the gym try to keep things balanced while doing their exercise. They would never work out their right arm and not their left. They do “chest” one day and “back” the other. But how does this work when their daily activities spend so much time ignoring the strengthening of the back? Where does it balance out? It can only balance out if you work the back muscles at a higher frequency than the front.

Work on having good form on the machines you use, and more importantly choose wisely the best activities and exercises to counteract what you do all day. It may not seem like much activity, but it’s enough to affect your posture and make long term changes in your spine and your health. It doesn’t need to be like that!


Dr. Natalie Cordova is a posture exercise expert, chiropractor, and health educator. More information can be found at her website at  http://www.postureconfidence.com.