Workout Journal for Week #42

My Weekly Workouts

Last week was a pretty active week for me, even though I “forgot” to do my two planned Turbulence training workouts. Instead of TT, I took several walks and was otherwise very active.

  1. Tuesday: Walking 30 minutes
  2. Saturday: Walking 30 minutes
  3. Sunday: Walking 30 minutes & Salsa 20 minutes

These are only my “official workouts”.  I puttered around my apartment more than I normally do, got up and down the stairs and ran a lot of errands in the city center.

My Weekly Steps

Ten days ago I purchased an Omron pocket pedometer and I have worn it around my neck every day. Below is a diagram of the steps I took last week. (My walks are included in the daily steps.)

As you can see, there is a lot of variation from day to day. The most passive day was Friday, because I was tired and decided to work at home instead of going to my office at the university. Monday was the most active day: I met my sister and we did some window shopping. 🙂

I’m sorry to admit, but last week wasn’t a typical week for me.  I’m usually much more passive! Wearing a pedometer every day has  made me  aware of what I do day in day out and I have automatically increased my physical activity. It has also forced me to admit how passive I’ve become.

The upside is that I’m already feeling a lot more energetic and outgoing! 🙂


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