February focus: More movement, less exercise

february-focus-moveJanuary is  over and I’ve chosen a new focus for February.

My January focus was #wycwyc – doing what I can, when I can. I applied the “wickwick” principle to incorporate more exercise in my daily life, cleaning my home and getting things done immediately – instead of just thinking about doing stuff.

Tackling things immediately was perhaps the most important achievement to me.

What comes to my February focus, it’s almost a continuation to the wycwyc principle. In February, my goal is to add more movement and more movement variety to my daily life. I got the inspiration from Katy Bowman’s article This year, exercise less on Breakingmuscle.com and from reading other posts on her blog.

I found the following paragraph especially arresting.

While almost every disease lists “exercise” as either a preventive or therapeutic treatment, let us not forget the reason we need exercise in the first place is because movement is no longer provided for by our environment. An animal in the zoo needs to be given an exercise program because their habitat limits their biological reflexes. Diseases of captivity are well documented in animals kept outside of their natural habitat.

That is so true. Even if I’m a committed exerciser, I know I don’t routinely get the variety of movement people used to get when we still did mostly physical work and didn’t have all these labor-saving devices. My life consists mostly of different varieties of sitting and that’s the main reason I’m often in pain.

What do I mean by adding more movement and variety of movement in my daily life?

I’m going to configure my daily living environment so that I get as much movement as possible. Here are some ideas I’m going to try and some things I’ve started doing.

  • I alternate between a standing desk and sitting desk (x)
  • I will “hide” my remote controls so I’m forced to go for them if I want to change the channel
  • I will alternate between a chair, stability ball and floor when watching television (x)
  • I will carry stuff in my arms in addition to my backpack*
  • I will take stairs more often
  • I will find more use for my chin up bar – I can’t do chin ups but I can at least hang on the bar if nothing else 🙂

* Guess what happens to your upper back muscles when they don’t get the chance to bear variable loads?

On Saturday I was tempted to buy a set of juggling balls so I could offer my body a completely new kind of challenge. On the other hand I’m also drawn to those footbag thingies – maybe I get one of those and start learning to use it.

I’m curious about what my apartment will look like at the end of this month – maybe I have it turned into a live-in obstacle course! 🙂

I will appreciate any interesting suggestions you can add! Use the comment box below to leave suggestions.



  1. Oh Satu, I can really relate to this. As you know I’m struggling with incidental exercise myself. I’m trying to take the stairs in my apartment more (it’s only one flight) but make conscious decisions to move more as well.

    I love that you have things scattered about your apartment that you can use.

    I can imagine you playing hacky sack (is that it?) around your apartment – though I hope you don’t have too many breakables!!! 😉

    • Satu says:

      Hi Deb! :I think the footbags (I think it’s called footbag in Europe) are soft and pretty light, so I will probably cause minimal damage if I use them in my apartment. I hope. 🙂

      Our feet love walking on uneven surfaces and I’ve been busy thinking what I could offer them. Walking on a mattress?! 🙂 Well, walking on snow comes pretty close..

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