Workout plan for spring 2014 and flu #2

Not at all as cosy here, I just had to furnish the post with something!

Not at all as cosy here, I just had to furnish the post with something!

I’ve been waiting for a chance to start working out properly this spring, but so far I’ve been foiled in my pursuit.

I did one metabolic strength training session on Friday morning. I felt great, despite my glutes being a bit sore. But then I woke up on Saturday morning feeling wonky and as the day went on I had admit I was feeling feverish.


Today is the fourth day in the throes of flu #2. I don’t have high temperature, but my head and nasal cavities seem to be full of snot and cotton balls. That’s probably true of my lungs as well. Mentally, I’m as grumpy as the old guy (played by Clint Eastwood) in the movie Gran Torino.

In other words, I’m not a bundle of joy and energy at the moment.

I’m so disappointed I can’t have started training again. I spent most of last fall doing a training program to get rid of my residual low back pain. It worked great, but I think I lost some strength because I concentrated on doing corrective exercises, not maximum strength.

There is something very addictive and empowering about the kind of metabolic workouts I’ve been doing since I discovered Lynn Cosgrove’s FBB program.

My simple but effective workout plan for 2014

  •  3 x metabolic resistance training /week
  • 2 x metabolic intervals /week

I’m going to start with metabolic resistance training and add those metabolic intervals into the mix later on. And I really really hope I don’t have to deal with unexpected injuries or flus and such during this spring.


How do you spend your time when you’re recovering from a flu, other than sleeping and feeling sorry for yourself? Reading, watching television?

During flu #1 I read Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel the Bad girl (very good) and Tim Jeal’s biography on Henry Morton Stanley. After that I started watching television. Tonight is going to be a good night for watching television too. The second season of the Person of Interest starts tonight, and  a new series named Sleepy Hollow airs at 10 PM.

I guess flu #2 will pass too.


  1. Oh sorry that you’re not well Satu but I guess you’re doing everything you can so perhaps you need to just be patient and let the flu pass. Don’t be so hard on yourself and I’m sure you’ll get back into training as soon as you’re able.

    PS. LOVE Person of Interest. I only watched the first episode of Sleepy Hollow and didn’t really take to it!

    • Satu says:

      Hi Deb!
      The worst about the flu was how miserable it made me feel, but now I feel much better. Eating all those sugar-laden cough drops probably didn’t make me feel any better even though breathing was easier.

      I don’t know yet if the Sleepy Hollow is a keeper. I’ll see.

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