45 years and 7 quirky things

Woman in crownI had my 45th birthday on Tuesday. It occurred to me that if I live to see age 90, I’m about half-way through now. That’s a humbling thought. How am I going to spend the rest of my life?

I hope I will have more fun than I had during the first 45 years!

To celebrate my birthday, I will reveal 7 quirky things about me. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been living alone so long, there is no shortage of them.

Seven quirky things about me

Quirky thing #1: My childhood heroine was Angelique. She was so beautiful and had an adventure-filled life. I fell in love with her at age 10 when I first saw the movie series. After watching the movies I read all the books and chose French as my 2nd foreign language. Unfortunately my live hasn’t turned out to be as exciting as hers….

Quirky thing #2: I’m a tea-totaller. I never learned to drink coffee. My favorite brand of tea is the Emperor’s Bride.

Quirky thing #3: I hate feed readers and don’t use them. That’s probably why I’m such a sloppy blog reader and commenter. I get to know new posts when and if I happen to go to the blog I regularly follow. I’ve bookmarked my favorite blogs though – I can’t be too long without my regular Pixie fix!

Quirky thing #4: I have an eclectic taste in movies. I watch my share of quality movies but I also have a soft spot for action movies, fantasy and science fiction. I’m eagerly waiting the next Star Trek movie by J.J. Abrams. Because my best friend isn’t that much into action, I often go and see the movies with her hubby!

Quirky thing #5: I once gave a speech to the former president of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

Quirky thing #6: I don’t get American bathrooms. When I first had a shower during my stay in Hyatt, I made a watery mess because it didn’t occur to me to drape the shower curtains around the bath tube. And it takes forever to arrange the shower curtains so that there are no water leaks!

Quirky thing #7: I’m sensitive to noise, have always been. I always wear ear plugs when I go to sleep.

How am I going to spend the rest of my life?

Because I didn’t have much fun during the first part of my life, I suppose I need to arrange more fun from now on.

Physically I’m feeling very well. Months and months of eating a good diet pays and getting lots of exercise really pays off. I’m feeling super good and even the fat is melting.

However I still have lots of work to do if I’m to reach my ultimate fitness goal of swimming like a seal, dancing salsa two hours a night, sleeping like a baby and doing those 10 military push ups I’ve been dreaming about.

Luckily I still have five years to get there.

Any suggestions on how to have more fun? Use the comment box below to leave your suggestions and comments!


  1. Marion says:

    Happy Birthday Satu!!!!! I wish you a wonderful upcoming year full of lots of fun! Super glad you are feeling so healthy and good about yourself. 😀

    I thought the very same thing on my 45th birthday–that I was almost exactly halfway through life, since my grandmothers died at 92 and 94. Isn’t that funny?!

    In the U.S., strangely, a teetotaler was originally a person who abstained from drinking alcohol, not actually a person who drinks tea. I know that’s completely weird, but it originally has to do with the time of our history when we had the 18th Amendment of our Constitution, the Prohibition Amendment, from 1920 to 1933, which prohibited the “manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes”. So I guess some of the people were probably drinking tea! But there was a LOT of illegal drinking and manufacture of “moonshine” going on too, which is why the Amendment was repealed in 1933. So that is the brief history of the term teetotaler, but I think it is now sometimes used as you are using it too. 😀 <<This is written in response to the "quirky" part of the post.

    I also hate noise and even little sounds when I'm sleeping. I wake up very easily. So I bought a wave machine, that makes wave sounds. I haven't used it for a while now, since the teen kids don't wake up at night.

    🙂 Marion

    • Satu says:

      Thank you, Marion!

      Well, the original meaning of the word happens to apply to me too. 🙂 In Finland we actually had a similar period about the same time and we gave it up too! In Finland a person who doesn’t drink alcohol is referred to as an absolutist.

      I have to fix the spelling of the word. Didn’t bother checking that before I published.

  2. Deb says:

    Oh my god Satu! Happy belated birthday!!!!

    Love your quirky confessions (am intrigued now about your shower /baths over there though!).

    As for more fun… I think it’s about taking more chances. I know that the ‘say yes more’ thing is a bit obvious but I realise that putting things off and holding back is why – like you – I consider the first part of my life to be a bit underwhelming. Onward and upward… for both of us!


    • Satu says:

      Thanks Debbie!

      Ok, the suggestion that I could say yes more is a good one. I’ve heard old people say that they tend to regret things and chances they didn’t take more than the things they did. I’d like my life to be bit more like Angelique’s! 🙂

  3. Deb says:

    PS. What was your speech to the former President about?

    • Satu says:

      Oom, that is a secret. I must tell you my life story some time…

  4. Aimee says:

    Happy belated birthday Satu! Fantastic list though now you have me intrigued as well about your speech and what your bathrooms are like. I also wear earplugs most nights because I work nights and sleep at strange hours when people are outside doing things like mowing the lawn and trimming bushes.

    You must start having fun Satu! Have you ever thought of creating a bucket list of things that sound fun to you? I used to never have fun even when I was doing something that should have been fun. I was far too worried about my appearance and being grouchy about it to enjoy myself. I do all sorts of things now that I would have never done before. My son and I are doing another color run this summer where you run through color bombing stations and come out the other end looking like a tie dyed mess. It definitely wasn’t about the running. We laughed the entire way last year. I look forward to hearing how you incorporate more fun into your life.

    Happy happy birthday!!

    • Satu says:

      Hi Aimee!
      Color runs sound fun. I wonder if I could arrange a color run with my nieces – though my sister might not appreciate the mess… 🙂

  5. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! I’m commenting again to tell you that my email has a virus, so I know you emailed me but I’m not going to open up anything. So when I don’t answer, now you know why. 😀

    🙂 Marion

  6. Lori says:

    Happy, happy birthday Satu! I hope this year is your best one yet!

    You’ll have to come here and I will teach you to appreciate coffee 😀

    • Satu says:

      Thank you Lori! Teaching me to appreciate coffee is a very demanding goal! 🙂

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