My Active Lifestyle Review

middle-aged overweight woman in pain while trying to work out

This looks exactly like me!

I have been thinking about my next fitness challenge a lot. It occurred to me that I could start planning the next phase of the journey by establishing my starting point, so I decided to do myself “a physical lifestyle review”.

A Physical Lifestyle Review

I’m 42, female, 5ft 1in, BMI 26-27 (?). I work at a computer all day long rubbing together my two brain cells, either at home or in my office at the university. If I go to my office at the university, I walk the 1 km (0.62 mile) distance from my apartment to the local metro station and the same distance from the metro station to the university (So at best, I walk 4 km / day).

When I get home after work, I spend most of my time reading, doing stuff at my laptop (surfing, writing etc) and watching television. Throw in occasional household chores, grocery shopping, cooking, Feldenkrais lessons and the 3x/week exercise program for my knee.

On the plus side, I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs. I’m eating ok, but I consume too much calories for my lifestyle.

Health wise I’m doing ok, except that I’m prone to tension headaches, other pains and aches in my body and I have a patella femoral pain syndrome in my left knee (getting better). Also, my energy levels are pretty low and I have a low tolerance for stress. I’m not strong and vibrant like I would like to be.

Planning the Next Phase

I hate to admit it, but I’m a passive, sedentary, middle-aged desk jockey. Before my knee problems I at least had some kind of cardiovascular fitness, but I doubt I’m doing that well at the moment. I have no muscle strength and no mental hardiness.

I planned to start doing an online fitness program I purchased last spring (TT aka Turbulence training) and to make it the focus of the next 3 months. There is a big but though:  I doubt I’ll be  able to go full blast with the program from the start because of my knee problems. It’s much more likely that I get injured or burn out.

So I came up with a Plan B, which is to put physical activity back to my moment to moment / day to day life. For the next three months, I intend to focus on becoming physically active in everyday life. I will start doing TT too, but I will take it easy and really listen to my body.

I have been putting together a list of all the ways I can get more physically active in everyday life. That will be the topic of my next post.


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P.S. Have you ever given up on any fitness program because it’s too demanding?

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