A Perfectly Balanced Visit


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Last week was a pinnacle in my social life. I had a movie date with my best friend Nina and her hubby Rikki last Tuesday (we went to see the Jack Reacher movie.*) On Thursday night I met my little sister Hanna and she stayed overnight at my place.

On Thursday night I had dinner with Hanna at the local Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has been one of our favorite places to eat for a long time, starting when I first came to Helsinki to study at the university over twenty years ago. At that time Pizza Hut was the hottest of the hot, because we only had thin-crusted pizzas available in Finland before that.

Before we landed at my place, I persuaded Hanna to the local video rental which sells my favorite brand of pick-a-mix candy. Hanna was a bit reluctant because she was already worried about the effect of the pizza on her waistline.


pilates bandTo counterbalance the pizza eating I introduced Hanna to  new items in my stash of exercise equipment. She kindly tested almost all of them even though she compared my EcoBody pilates band to a piece of s*x equipment.

The highlight of the night was when I made Hanna do her first ever kettlebell swing. It looked like she snatched a newborn baby – weighing 4kg! – from between her legs, in slow motion. I’m no kettlebell trainer, which probably explains the technique.

Below you can see Hanna using my push up handles. There’s no picture of the pick-a-mix candy because there was nothing left at that point of the night (I need to clarify that Hanna didn’t eat all her candy that night, I did.).

Hanna tests the push up handles

Hanna tests my push up handles


To continue with the exercise and weight loss theme of the night, we watched a couple of episodes of the Finnish version of the Extreme Makeover: the Weight Loss Edition show on my laptop.

I marvelled at the amount of curd the losers were expected to eat. Also, for some reason the trainers in the Finnish version are fitness/bodybuilding types – the men especially are built like tanks. Anyway, the woman in the show was able to do 17 military push ups after six months of training. I really got fired up by her example to train more vigorously myself.

We were so inspired by the show that we measured each other’ waist circumference and then Hanna stepped on my body composition scale. Her BMI was 25.4, which means that dropping a few kilos would be enough to get rid of her muffin top. I have more to lose.


All in all, I think that was a perfectly balanced visit. 😉

*The movie was good, but Tom Cruise is way to small to be Jack Reacher.

P.S. Is curd the staple of weight loss diet anywhere else except in Finland?


  1. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! What a fun time you had lately! I just had pizza too, and I never regret those calories! It’s just so good! Tom Cruise has always been too overdone, but his movies usually are pretty good. I have a very hard time having special candy without obsessing over it until it’s all eaten. I don’t even know what curd is. Is it like cottage cheese? That is interesting to hear about the differences of Finland’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. BTW, what kind of candies did you pick out?

    🙂 Marion

    • Satu says:

      HI Marion!

      I mostly pick sweet and sugary candy like marshmallows plus some chocolate coated stuff. Hanna picked more salty stuff like salty licorice.

      Curd is a dairy product – it has lots of protein and very little fat, which is why it’s so popular with dieters. It tastes sour, so you can’t just eat it plain.

  2. I’m gonna have to google curd, cos I’ve only heard of it in the “Little Miss Muffet” rhyme!

    IT sounds like you had a great visit with your sister and I bet you impressed her with all of your exercise (kettlebell, pilates) moves.

    Also I love the pilates band. I haven’t seen a thick/wide one like that before (with handles).


    • Satu says:

      I have to admit I don’t much use that pilates band, even though it comes with pictures printed on it! Not one of my most successful acquisitions.. 🙂

  3. MIz says:


    • Satu says:

      Hi Miz! If you can find curd in over there, but then I guess you can find anything in California.

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