Independence, January Jeans & Flabby Underarms

6th December is the Independence Day in Finland, and it’s also a holiday in Finland. It’s quiet, cold and everything is covered in snow, and there isn’t much to do except watch the Independence Day Ball that is celebrated at the President’s Castle in the evening.

And if you’re wondering about the connection between the Independence Day in Finland and flabby underarms, there is one.

You English speakers don’t seem to have a word for flabby underarms, but we Finns have one!

It’s allit (plural). Flabby underarms were named after the spouse of one of our earlier presidents, Alli Paasikivi. You can see for yourself why, if you check the picture below where she dancing at the Independence Day Ball (probably in 50’s).

So we Finns just refer to our allis when talk about our flabby underarms. I have huge ones of course. 🙂


Marion published an invitation to join the January Jeans Club on her blog and I decided to join. In order to better procrastinate on doing something else I’m supposed to do (also related to Marion), I created a badge for her club.

You can use the badge if you like it.

The club was created because, in Marion’s words:

In the past, I have gained up to 10 pounds in December, and was very(!) upset with myself by January. I looked so lumpy and had tight clothing.  Never again!

Please join me, and my lovely young daughters, J (23) and K (20) in the January Jeans Club. We are pledging to each other to eat in a way that makes us look good in our jeans in January. Our goal: Either keep our weight the same or even lose a few pounds in December.

My personal goal is to keep my weight the same during the Christmas holidays.

I don’t know if it’s going to be hard to decline from gross overeating during Christmas. I don’t much care for the traditional Finnish Christmas dishes, but there will be plenty of chocolate and other treats available. And I think part of the overeating happens just because long holidays can be so boring.

Anyway, the peak of my Christmas will be meeting my lovely little nieces.


P.S. I’ve advance in my FBB strength training program so much that I had to buy a new pair of dumbbells for myself!


  1. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! Super amusing post!!!! Allit–what a useful word! (and love the ghastly arm picture too!) There are plenty of us in the U.S. who could usefully use that word, such as this Finnish word should be adopted!

    I *love!!!!* the badge! It is cute, sexy, and motivational. You are now an official leader of the January Jeans Club! And now there is a Finnish Chapter of the January Jeans Club. You should put this on your Finnish blog too. And–Can I put your badge (with artistic credit to you, of course)?

    Re other points of the post:
    Super duper great that you are getting so strong! For a while, you didn’t know if this was going to happen, and then–boom–it did! Awesome sauce!!!

    Are you suggest, are people doing holiday eating because they are bored? Definitely. That actually could be a post just by itself. One of the biggest problems with Christmas parties is that they are sooo boring. I can’t tell you how many times I escaped a boring conversation to pick out food–anything!!! I spent time with the treats, wasting excess party time considering whether I should get fat or not on various treats.

    I’m kind of (no really!) concerned even about the upcoming TOPS Christmas party at a restaurant, in which we are supposed shut up(!) if others eat a lot in front of us. Whoa, that’s not a great situation for me at all! So I have a crazy plan of having the best Christmas (or not!) outfit at the party–consisting of a black shirt with a rainbow skull with a mustache and rose eyes, along with dressy black capris and fancy black shoes, and of course, frost pink toe nail and finger nail polish. Yes, that’s the plan to keep be from being bored at the party and then eating out of boredom. Plus, the capris only fit me because I haven’t been overeating–to acutely remind me not to overeat at the party.

    Regarding U.S. Christmas treats and food:
    This is definitely not bragging, because it is a huge problem, actually, but U.S. Christmas treats and food are absolutely the perfect formulas of fat, salt, and sugar for tasting perfect. I’ve had desserts of different cultures, and know why certain cultures are so much slimmer. Their desserts are not as intense or addictive. And our portions are huge, and every hostess suggests a second helping. I enjoy it when I go to a place where treats are tiny, and there are only enough to share without overeating.

    Very very good post, Satu! I enjoyed it immensely.

    🙂 Marion

  2. Satu says:

    Hi Marion!

    I’m happy if you use the badge in your blog and I will definitely use it in my Finnish blog too! I haven’t even started thinking about what to wear for Christmas…

  3. I saw your badge on Marion’s site and I love it. You are so clever!!!

    In Australia we tend to joke about flabby underarms as ‘tuckshop lady arms’. Tuckshops are small shops we have in schools here, usually staffed by volunteers (well-meaning mothers!). I suspect that once-upon-a-time, most of the mothers were older and overweight with flabby underarms, hence the name!

    I think I will be joining your club!


    • Satu says:

      Ha! Tuckshop lady arms is a very good expression! 😉

  4. Lori says:

    Yahoo on upping the weights! Be a beast!! 😀

    • Satu says:

      I’ll be a beast again when I get rid of this migraine…

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